Friday’s Featured Artist: Sonya’s Polymer Creations

This weeks featured polymer clay artist is Sonya’s Polymer Creations and she has quite the flair for organic design, which I especially like when it comes to jewelry. For example, this first piece named Cleopatra’s Bubblebath is so simple, yet it has such depth. It makes me think of sea urchins.


This next piece is called Driftwood. Love the connections.

I especially like this pair of earringsΒ  called Winter Mood. The detail is incredible.

More examples of Sonya’s work


You can see all of Sonya’s work in her Flickr Gallery


Smoosher Featured Artist: Desert Wind Designs

I’ve always had a soft spot for organic, earthy, rustic designs in jewelry. I have found plenty of that looking through the Desert Wind Designs Artfire Shop. Such lovely work like these earrings

And this pendant

or this bracelet

You can see a lot more of Connie’s work in this Flickr Gallery
My favorite piece is this Steampunk Tile Bracelet

Hmm, or maybe these Patchwork Leaves

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And stay up to date on Connie’s Blog. And she also Zentangles πŸ™‚

Smooshers Featured Artist: Gaia Copia

I am proud to present Emily of Gaia Copia. πŸ™‚

Her work is so jewelry unique. I guess you would put it in the mixed media category. I love that she uses the hammered, textured copper and fancy wire wrap in conjunction with the polymer clay. To me it has an funky-organic-medieval feel and I LOVE it !!!!

Facebook page!/pages/Gaia-Copia-Artisan-Jewelry/
Her blog –

Flickr Finds For Jan 26th

I love browsing Flickr to see everyone latest creations. These a just a few of my favorite finds this week.

TreeWingsStudio / Rebekah Payne

Stories They Tell / Christine Damm

River Valley Design / Christina Uliczny

polymerclaybeads / Ponsawan

Knii Knii

Featured Artist: Claire Maunsell

Polymer clay artist Claire Maunsell has a very unique was of turning a block of clay into a organic masterpiece. Her style is textural, colorful, and full of creative shapes. Be sure to browser her entire Flickr Gallery.

Doreen Willey – Back In The Saddle

I was checking my favorite blogs for updates and was absolutely thrilled to see some new work from Doreen πŸ™‚ I adore her earthy, organic style. Her choice of patterns, color pallet and visual texture is totally scrumptious !!

Organic Design

I love anything with an organic feel, so when I see beads like these….. I want them πŸ™‚

Claire Maunsell

Claire Maunsell

Or this piece !

Corliss & John Rose

Corliss & John Rose

Check out this herbal bracelet

Zayit Gale

Zayit Gale

These bracelets are amazing!

Kathi Gose

Kathi Gose

I think Kathi took a class from Jana to learn that technique

(Kathi let me know she hasn’t take Jana’s class, but was inspired by her work)

Jana Roberts Benzon

Jana Roberts Benzon

Wired Polymer Clay

Betty Jo Hendershott has quite the flair for combining wire with polymer clay. Take a look at these beauties.

Then there is Judith Rosales. Her style is so unique. (Looks like I need to learn to solder)

A nice little tutorial by Alkhymeia and her gallery.

Marco Failla is a very talented guy who collaborates with Marina Lombardi to make these amazing pieces.

Gris Bleu has genuinely unique talent

Flickr Finds For April

I can spend all day wandering around Flickr. There is an abundance of talented polymer clay artists that use the site to store their pictures. I think each month I’ll have to show 6 random artists I find interesting. Hope you do too, because here are the first 6 πŸ™‚

The gallery is by stamp company Inklings and Imprints. The artworks is Kim Detmers



Barb Fajardo blog

Cheryl Harris

Julia Fediakina

Artists That Inspire Me

When I feel muse-less I like to look around the internet for inspiration. There are so many amazing polymer clay artists out there that it’s not hard to find a way to lure my muse back home. Here are a few of the artists who get my creative juices flowing.

Elise Winters for her use of color
Elise Winters - Color
Kathleen Dustin for her imagination

Sarajane Helm for her canework and beads

Julie Picarello for her colorful Mokume Gane

Judy Dunn for her use of patterns and shapes

Jeffery Lloyd Dever for his funky designs

Karen Lewis for her canework and bead designs

Jana Robets Benzon for her kaleidoscope canes

Kim Cavender for her organic designs

Tory Hughes for her imitative techniques

I could go on like this all day, so I will stop. LOL As I said, these are just a handful of amazing artists that inspire me to continue claying and hopefully one day I will find my own special style like they have. Many thanks to them all. πŸ™‚

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