Color Inspirations For July

It’s been a very long time since I’ve seen a sunrise (I’m a total night owl) so I thought a few pictures might be inspiring. The colors are amazing !!!

Inspiration From Nature

When I’m feeling artistically blocked and my muse has taken an unexpected vacation, I like to look to nature for inspiration. I recently found a seller on Etsy that uses butterfly wings to make jewelry (all butterflies passed of natural causes). I had never seen so many gorgeous colors and designs ! If only I could cane. I’d go crazy using the designs as a pattern.

Another source of caning inspiration are pictures of flowers.

And what about leaves? You can cane them or use the actual leaf for an impression in your clay.

Take a look around your back yard or favorite hiking trail. You can get some amazing texture off of stones & rocks.

A more unusual inspiration comes from fish scales. They come in so many colorful combination.

And what about a simple sunset? Imagine this as a Skinner Blend!

Then there are exotic bird feathers.

I hope these inspire you to create something wonderful 🙂

Q&A With Lindly Haunani About Upcoming Color Inspirations Book

I found a great Q&A conducted by Woody Rudin over at Polymer Art Archive. He asked Lindly a few pointed questions the book and getting it published. Check it out 🙂

Another French Clayer To Watch

I saw a picture of Nathalie Duval’s canework on Polymer Clay Daily this morning. Her flower and face canes are exceptional ! Nathalie’s blog is called Petit Poucet Be sure to check out her tutorial section.

Color Scale

Maggie Maggio has been kind enough to share her wisdom with the rest of us. 🙂 She has provided both written tutorials and videos to teach us color mixing so we can achieve the color pallets we desire.

This is the first of 3 videos.

The second of the series called Color Scales II

And the third – Color Scales In Triangles

This is where you find the handout sheets for video 3.

Some other helpful links

This last link will take you to this seasons color pallets.

Transfers Techniques You May Not Know About

There are so many ways to do transfers onto polymer clay it’s hard to keep track of them all. Here a few you may have missed.

Tina Holden describes how to do transfers with Flecto Verathane

Valarie Aharoni has a couple types of transfers described on her blog. First she uses an
acrylic polymer medium on toner copies.

The second technique uses baking parchment run through an inkjet printer.

I also found JudiKins TranzIt Rinse-Away Paper. The instructions are at the Polymer Clay Review Blog.

GOLDEN (brand) Digital Grounds is a new line of products that are Ink-jet Receptive Coatings. They say you can do transfers on any surface with this product.

This one doesn’t say it’s for clay, but could be interesting if it works. Mist Hair Gel and an inkjet printer??

Artists That Inspire Me

When I feel muse-less I like to look around the internet for inspiration. There are so many amazing polymer clay artists out there that it’s not hard to find a way to lure my muse back home. Here are a few of the artists who get my creative juices flowing.

Elise Winters for her use of color
Elise Winters - Color
Kathleen Dustin for her imagination

Sarajane Helm for her canework and beads

Julie Picarello for her colorful Mokume Gane

Judy Dunn for her use of patterns and shapes

Jeffery Lloyd Dever for his funky designs

Karen Lewis for her canework and bead designs

Jana Robets Benzon for her kaleidoscope canes

Kim Cavender for her organic designs

Tory Hughes for her imitative techniques

I could go on like this all day, so I will stop. LOL As I said, these are just a handful of amazing artists that inspire me to continue claying and hopefully one day I will find my own special style like they have. Many thanks to them all. 🙂

Playing with Scrap Clay

I accidentally discovered that scrap clay can be used to make a very colorful version of Mokume Gane (aka Hidden Magic). I was trying to mix a pile of scrap clay into a solid color and got to a point where the color was so interesting I just could not keep rolling the sheets of clay through the pasta machine. My favorite rubber stamp was laying there and I wondered what it would look like to texture the sheet and trim it like I would when I make mica shift.

I couldn’t believe my eyes as I started trimming off the raised areas. There was this colorful, almost watercolor looking, design in the clay. What a discovery. 🙂 After a creative dry spell I found my muse again. I spent the next week rolling my scrap clay into sheets, covering anything that didn’t move and a made few other goodies, too. LOL

They have mini sewing kits inside

They have mini sewing kits inside

Cuff Bracelet

Cuff Bracelet



More Pens


Wearable Vessel

Wearable Vessel

With the lid off

With the lid off

Perfume Atomizers

Perfume Atomizers

There are many more but I won’t bore you with the rest of the pictures. LOL

New book on color by Lindley Haunani & Maggie Maggio

It’s called Polymer Clay Color Inspirations: Techniques and Jewelry Projects for Creating Successful palettes. I now have this at the top of my “Must Have It” list. Color palette use has always been a problem for me and I am so hoping this will help me. Release date is August 25th.Color Inspirations cover

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