New Selection of Stamps Available !!!

I just listed a few really fun designs in my Etsy Shop !!!

Click on any picture to order it in my shop. These stamps are all 5.5″ X 4″ .


Klimt style design

Egyptian Hieroglyphs

Linen Textile Grunge Style

Village Houses

Gears Background

Fall 2011 Stamp Designs Now On Sale

I took a vacation and created my Fall 2011 clear stamp designs. 48 so far and still a few floating around my head. 🙂

You can see them all in my Picasa album or purchase them from my Artfire Shop where I also have for sale some silk screen stencils that I made.

Here is a preview of just a few of the new stamp designs

As a bonus for my readers you can get 10% off your order in my Artfire Shop using the code POLYCLAYCORNER10

Happy Claying !!!

For those of you who prefer Etsy they are listed there too, but at .50 cents more per stamp to cover higher fees I have to pay. Artfire allows me to keep a little more cash in my pocket so I can pass the savings on to my customers. 🙂

Smoosher Featured Artist: Desert Wind Designs

I’ve always had a soft spot for organic, earthy, rustic designs in jewelry. I have found plenty of that looking through the Desert Wind Designs Artfire Shop. Such lovely work like these earrings

And this pendant

or this bracelet

You can see a lot more of Connie’s work in this Flickr Gallery
My favorite piece is this Steampunk Tile Bracelet

Hmm, or maybe these Patchwork Leaves

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And stay up to date on Connie’s Blog. And she also Zentangles 🙂

Fabulous Flickr Finds

I am writing my first post from my new iPad 🙂 Was a chore figuring out how to migrate photo links, but I eventually figure it out.

Just wanted to share some of the newer Flickr photos from my contacts there.

Wettbewerbsthema Schnitzen!
Brooch 655
steampunk hummingbird pendant

Enjoy Life
Anasazi cuff - polymer clay

New Artist Discovery :) Lynn Reno of Desert Rubble

I stumbled upon this wonderful blog called Desert Rubble and it took my breath away.  Lynn Reno has a rustic, earthy approach to her art with a touch of Steampunk thrown in for good measure.  The piece in particular that caught my eye is this twisted, studded heart.

And I adore dragonflies, so these Steampunk beauties are really up my alley 🙂

And I wish I could make things that guys would wear like Lynn can. This shield pendant is fabulous!

You can see more of Lynn’s work in her Etsy shop or her Facebook page

She also has a Flickr gallery

Steampunk Stamp Duo by Lisa Pavelka

Talk a bout fun 🙂 Lisa has a new set of stamps added to her product line for Steampunk lovers. There is a traditional “Outtie” stamp and the “Innie” can be used as a mold or for the Sutton Slice technique.

You can also purchase them individually if you choose.

Steampunk Fantasies

I know I have shared Marina Lombardi’s work in the past. Her style is usually so classically feminine and flowery, but when I saw her new Steampunk designs I was floored. They are so wonderful !!!

I just love the flow of this floral piece.

And who doesn’t love owls 🙂 The monocle effect is just too fabulous !

A techno turtle 🙂

Lovely dragonfly

And my favorite – the heart locket

The Steampunk Phenomenon

Steampunk has edged it’s way into the polymer clay community. I love the idea of using old or unusual stuff and adding it into my work. Why throw it away if it can be salvaged for another use? The most common parts that show up in Steampunk are gears, cogs and other watch parts, but I’ve also seen chain, nail heads, eyelets, springs, zippers and much more. The possibilities are endless.

I’ve made a couple Steampunk pendants. Here’s my first try.
steampunk heart

I scoured the internet for some examples of polymer clay Steampunk for your enjoyment.

Jessica at Dollproject

Jessica at Dollproject

Rachel Ross

Rachel Ross



Gigglin Goth

Gigglin Goth

Laura Medeiros AKA Zoeowyn

Laura Medeiros AKA Zoeowyn



Terrie K

Terrie K

Christie Freisen

Christie Freisen

Kimberly Hart AKA Monster Kookies

Kimberly Hart AKA Monster Kookies

Dawn Schiller

Dawn Schiller

Steampunk Bunny

Could this be any cuter.  :)  I just love the use of the wind-up key. It was made by Studio Bijou, aka Kira Slye at Orlando Clay Fandango 2009. Visit her Flickr account to see more of her work, which includes a few more Steampunk designs.

Steampunk Bunny Click Here

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