A little experimenting with real stones

I have a small drawer full of real stone cabs and focal beads. I purchased these months ago with the intention of using them in combination with my polymer clay work. I finally made a couple test pieces to see if it was something I’d like to pursue. They turned out pretty decent. 🙂 I used large focal beads made of Ocean Jasper. The pendants are approx 2″ tall.

My Facebook Friends Feature Artist – Chris (Cat) Pellow

Chris Pellow is wonderful artist living in Scotland. She has worked in such mediums as leather, painting with acrylics and watercolors, and metal working. Cat enjoys making mosaics, jewelry and recycled art. Her path to polymer clay started with terracotta clay, which moved on to paper clay. Now she’s one of us.  A polymer clay addict 🙂

Colorful – cane work

Inspired – by Ronna’s book

Giving – Bottle of Hope

“Piece”ful – mosaic

Note Worthy – post-it note cover

You can see all of Cat’s work in her Flickr gallery.  Or visit her we site ZapKath Art.

Sarah Shriver’s New Web Site !!!!

Sarah just unveiled her new web site www.sarahshriver.com

The eye candy alone is worth the visit 🙂 You can also check on Sarah’s teaching calendar and the different classes available.

Contact Sarah to see if you can set up a class in your area.

The Motherload From The Motherland

Russian artists Del Moro, a relative new comer, has taken the polymer clay world by storm. His eye for detail and design is incredible. You have really got to check out his gallery. I wish I could post all the pictures, but you will have to settle for just a tease. 🙂

La Belle Verte - beads and earrings set

La Belle Verte - beads and earrings set

Rock Arsenal Series

Rock Arsenal Series

Mask Series

Mask Series

Doreen Willey – Back In The Saddle

I was checking my favorite blogs for updates and was absolutely thrilled to see some new work from Doreen 🙂 I adore her earthy, organic style. Her choice of patterns, color pallet and visual texture is totally scrumptious !!

Claying Down Under With Ayelet Rottenberg

Ayelet Rottenberg of New Zealand has really caught my eye. Her cane work is stunning and I love the colors pallets she uses to create unique flowers.

She also has some wonderful picture tutorials on caning.

You can see all of her jewelry in her Flickr albums. Or perhaps I’ve inspired you to buy something from Ayelet’s Etsy shop.

A Twist On The Swirl

Ali di Libellula AKA Marina Lombardi of Italy is a clayer to watch. Her style is so sweet and lady like. I adore these Swirl Lentils she embellished with flowers, vines and dots. She had made pendants and bookmarks with the beads and I have to show my favorites.

Give It A Swirl

Swirl beads have become all the rage and there are some artists that have it down to a science. A great example are the beads made by Laura Timmins. She has a diagram on her web site showing the process she uses the make swirl beads that look nearly identical each time.

From Lauras Etsy SHop

From Laura's Etsy SHop

Here a few links to get you going 🙂

PCAGOE Featured Artist For This Week 6/29 – 7/5

Congratulations Kathryn Reid of Pendulum Studios. You are my very first Polymer Clay Artist Guild of Etsy featured artist. 🙂

Kathryn ‘s bead work is quite breathtaking. I love her use us color and layered design. The interesting patterns just flow around the beads. I honestly tried to find a favorite picture to show, but I couldn’t. So here are my top 3. 🙂

One Color Wonders

I was cruising around Flickr and found the greatest clay group called Polymer Clay Today which led me to this artist who only used one color of clay. The item that cought my eye was gorgeous. I wondered how many other cool things could I find where the artist only used one color of clay.

Selena Anne Wells has a album full of one color pieces. Be sure to check them all out.

Pippa – Pip’s Jewellery (Her Blog)

Randee M Ketzel

Jill Palumbo


Liva (Her Blog)

Laurel Steven (Her Blog)

Janice Abarbanel (Her Blog)

Jan Geisen (Her Website)

Enkhtsetseg Tserenbadam (Her Blog)

Sherri Kellberg

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