Listed some jewelry in my Etsy Shop

Just listed: A Bevy of Bangles and a Passel of Pendants

Here is a sampling 🙂

More of Those Ornaments For the Custom Order

As some of you will recall, I posted some pictures of some of the ornaments I was making for a custom order. I have more to share 🙂 2 dozen down, 1 more to go in the mail Monday. They are on their way to an old school friend who is with her hubby stationed at a Japan US AFB.

I’m In Love :)

With a bead LOL

While catching up on my favorite blogs I stopped by Backyard Beads. Oh my Lord – Doreen’s at it again ! Talk about mad skills creating beads using canework. This particular bead I am in love with is just one of 2 new looks Doreen is working on. Green being my favorite colors (shades of olive in particular) I was drawn to the bead on the right, but not to say the blues isn’t totally scrumptious, too. 🙂 She calls them Blossoms.

I am hoping she takes my blog comment to heart and uses the green pattern on a 3″ dount. Seriously, Doreen, I would adopt it and give it a really good home 😉

If by some really bizarre chance you are not familiar with Doreen’s work, skip on over to Backyard Beads, her blog, and take a look see 🙂

A Handmade Holiday

I am encouraging everyone to support your local artist and give handmade presents for the upcoming Holiday Season. I this economy even a few sales may make all the difference to an artist.

It doesn’t matter if you celebrate Christmas, Kwanzaa or Hanukkah. A handmade gift says you put some thought into that gift and chose it especially for them. Okay, maybe the kids won’t appreciate it quite as much as the adults, so just stick to the video games on their list. 🙂

Handmade is something I have been doing for years. My family members all expect to get at least one thing I made myself and they actually do appreciate it. I sure hope they aren’t getting sick of it, because guess what? It’s happening again this year. LOL

There are many talented polymer clay artists selling on Etsy. If you can’t make it yourself, I bet you’ll find someone there who has that special gift you need to give.

How about a Baby’s First Christmas ornament?

Or a Blue Bird for your mom?

Maybe your colorful best friend needs something to brighten her day.

Does Grandma collect owls?

Maybe the man in your life needs a fancy new pen to go with that promotion at work.

Or maybe your wrist is feeling empty.

I confess, that bracelet is mine. But if I can’t promote myself on my blog what’s the point 🙂

Happy Holidays everyone !!!

Blog Finds (Oct 7)

I spent a couple hours scouting the other blogs for some great stuff to share with you all.

2 Good Claymates has a fun Snowflake Cane

Au Fil des Pates showing off a couple gorgeous Mokume Gane pendants

Mel at Clay Happenings made some gorgeous landscape design pieces using inks.

Christalline shares a great idea for slicing canes

This Blue & White cane by Julie Eakes is spectacular !!!!!!

Last, but far from least, if you ever need some inspiration please head on over to the Daily Art Muse. You’ll be overwhelmed with the beautiful work of many artists.

Flickr Finds For July

Found some fabulous,newly uploaded pictures.

Flowermouse Design

Flowermouse Design

Viktorya Slutsky / DaliDesigns

Viktorya Slutsky / DaliDesigns



malodora  / DDee Wilder

malodora / DDee Wilder

Anat Goldich

Anat Goldich

Marie Pierre / grecoaica33

Marie Pierre / grecoaica33



Newly Listed On Etsy

I just listed 6 lots of nail art canes in my Etsy Shop.

Nail Art Canes In Stock – Low Introductory Price !!

Many designs to choose from !

Many designs to choose from !

For the first 2 weeks prices the Nail Art Canes will be available in my web shop for the low introductory price of $1.29 per cane. After wards, the prices will be $1.99 each. There are many beautiful flower canes, a few fun fruit designs, and several cute butterflies to choose from. Plus a great American Flag for the upcoming 4th of July. I have red and blue flower canes with white backgrounds that accent the flag beautifully.

The canes are very simple to use. Easy to follow instructions will be included with your order. All you need is a single edge razor blade or scraper blade, a safe cutting surface and a cup of hot water to warm the canes. A single cane can produce 60+ slices if you slice them very thin.

You can use the Nail Art Cane Slices several ways:
1. Glue them on to store bought acrylic nails with nail glue and clear coat them with an acrylic clear coat polish. (I recommend Sally Hansen No Chip Acrylic Top Coat) Then adhere the acrylic nails to your natural nails.
2. Embed the cane slices into the uncured acrylic as you have a nail tech do your nails. Make sure they are covered/sealed with the acrylic.
3. Pre-coated your nails with a layer of acrylic nail polish. Glue the cane slices onto your natural nails (with nail glue). Then seal them with an acrylic clear coat. (Again I recommend Sally Hansen No Chip Acrylic Top Coat)

I will also offer a variety of pre-sliced cane samplers, 20 slices for $1.99 if you prefer to not slice them yourself.

Here are just a few of the canes you will see in my shop.

Canes are approx. 3 – 5 mm across and 50 MM long.

Faux Fun

When I started claying doing faux stone techniques was one of my favorite thing to do. I used translucent clay and added inclusions like embossing powders and dried flowers. Later I tried adding alcohol inks to tint the clay and it worked very nicely. A combination of the 3 would be a great experiment. I’ll have to add that to the list. 🙂

One of my favorite pieces was this inro wearable vessel I made many years ago.

Faux Stone Dragonfly Inro

Faux Stone Dragonfly Inro

The body looks sort of like rough moonstone. The leaves faux green jade, the dragonfly purple jade.

Some of my other works

Faux Bone

Faux Bone

Faux Jade

Faux Jade

More Mokume Gane

More Mokume Gane

Lapis Donuts

Lapis Donuts

Faux Retro Fabric - Barkcloth

Faux Retro Fabric - Barkcloth

Faux Turquoise

I found a great link to many faux tutorials

Flickr Finds For April

I can spend all day wandering around Flickr. There is an abundance of talented polymer clay artists that use the site to store their pictures. I think each month I’ll have to show 6 random artists I find interesting. Hope you do too, because here are the first 6 🙂

The gallery is by stamp company Inklings and Imprints. The artworks is Kim Detmers



Barb Fajardo blog

Cheryl Harris

Julia Fediakina

Previous Older Entries

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