Just Listed More Silk Screen Sheets :)

Save nearly 50% of the usual cost by purchasing an entire sheet.

Most people sell individual silk screen stencils and charge the equivalent of $60 a sheet ($15 per 1/4 of a sheet stencil) .

Here are just a few of the 14 silk screen stencil sheets I have available. Click on any image to take you to my Etsy Shop .


Pendant size

Klimt Style

Asian Themed

Beauty of the Northwest

Sharon MacLeod is an artist living in the woods of the Pacific Northwest. Her work isn’t exclusively made of polymer clay, but I find it fascinating. Sharon’s bracelets are stunning, especially the coil bracelets! I love her use of color and pattern in the designs.
Artist quote: “Working with an unlikely combination of materials, each piece starts with my own graphic art that is printed on thin paper, meticulously laminated to various sizes of small tubing, and assembled with a variety of materials, including polymer clay, glass, metal and rubber and plastic. Because of the nature of the process, no two are exactly alike. Transforming non-precious, sometimes industrial materials into colorful, richly patterned art jewelry is an ongoing exploration that keeps me fascinated.”

Be sure to click both pictures. One will take you to Sharon’s Flickr gallery, the other to her blog.

Artists That Inspire Me

When I feel muse-less I like to look around the internet for inspiration. There are so many amazing polymer clay artists out there that it’s not hard to find a way to lure my muse back home. Here are a few of the artists who get my creative juices flowing.

Elise Winters for her use of color
Elise Winters - Color
Kathleen Dustin for her imagination

Sarajane Helm for her canework and beads

Julie Picarello for her colorful Mokume Gane

Judy Dunn for her use of patterns and shapes

Jeffery Lloyd Dever for his funky designs

Karen Lewis for her canework and bead designs

Jana Robets Benzon for her kaleidoscope canes

Kim Cavender for her organic designs

Tory Hughes for her imitative techniques

I could go on like this all day, so I will stop. LOL As I said, these are just a handful of amazing artists that inspire me to continue claying and hopefully one day I will find my own special style like they have. Many thanks to them all. 🙂

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