Smoosher Challenge – Black & White

We were challenged to find and share anything Black & White made by our fellow Smoosher. Since I like a good challenge I gathered up a few tasty treats for you all 🙂

Black polymer clay necklace with white jade beads

Here is a beautiful necklace made by Strange Whimsy called Black polymer clay necklace with white jade beads

This gorgeous Handmade Black and White Heart Necklace is made by Sarah of CreativeArtCenter

Handmade Black and White Heart Necklace

Eagle Feather polymer clay cane

You can find this wonderful Eagle Feather polymer clay cane in ArtmakersWorlds Shop

Black and White Mosaic Keepsake Jewelry Box

Coltpizy is the artist that created this amazin Black and White Mosaic Keepsake Jewelry Box

black and white mokume gane technique

I just adore these black and white mokume gane technique earrings made by Rivervalleydesign

They’re All Done !!!!

The ornaments are all done and ready for the mail. Hopefully Priority mail gets them there in time.
Without further ado…… here is the purple set of 12 ornaments!

Blog Finds (Oct 7)

I spent a couple hours scouting the other blogs for some great stuff to share with you all.

2 Good Claymates has a fun Snowflake Cane

Au Fil des Pates showing off a couple gorgeous Mokume Gane pendants

Mel at Clay Happenings made some gorgeous landscape design pieces using inks.

Christalline shares a great idea for slicing canes

This Blue & White cane by Julie Eakes is spectacular !!!!!!

Last, but far from least, if you ever need some inspiration please head on over to the Daily Art Muse. You’ll be overwhelmed with the beautiful work of many artists.

Nail Art Canes In Stock – Low Introductory Price !!

Many designs to choose from !

Many designs to choose from !

For the first 2 weeks prices the Nail Art Canes will be available in my web shop for the low introductory price of $1.29 per cane. After wards, the prices will be $1.99 each. There are many beautiful flower canes, a few fun fruit designs, and several cute butterflies to choose from. Plus a great American Flag for the upcoming 4th of July. I have red and blue flower canes with white backgrounds that accent the flag beautifully.

The canes are very simple to use. Easy to follow instructions will be included with your order. All you need is a single edge razor blade or scraper blade, a safe cutting surface and a cup of hot water to warm the canes. A single cane can produce 60+ slices if you slice them very thin.

You can use the Nail Art Cane Slices several ways:
1. Glue them on to store bought acrylic nails with nail glue and clear coat them with an acrylic clear coat polish. (I recommend Sally Hansen No Chip Acrylic Top Coat) Then adhere the acrylic nails to your natural nails.
2. Embed the cane slices into the uncured acrylic as you have a nail tech do your nails. Make sure they are covered/sealed with the acrylic.
3. Pre-coated your nails with a layer of acrylic nail polish. Glue the cane slices onto your natural nails (with nail glue). Then seal them with an acrylic clear coat. (Again I recommend Sally Hansen No Chip Acrylic Top Coat)

I will also offer a variety of pre-sliced cane samplers, 20 slices for $1.99 if you prefer to not slice them yourself.

Here are just a few of the canes you will see in my shop.

Canes are approx. 3 – 5 mm across and 50 MM long.

Beauty of the Northwest

Sharon MacLeod is an artist living in the woods of the Pacific Northwest. Her work isn’t exclusively made of polymer clay, but I find it fascinating. Sharon’s bracelets are stunning, especially the coil bracelets! I love her use of color and pattern in the designs.
Artist quote: “Working with an unlikely combination of materials, each piece starts with my own graphic art that is printed on thin paper, meticulously laminated to various sizes of small tubing, and assembled with a variety of materials, including polymer clay, glass, metal and rubber and plastic. Because of the nature of the process, no two are exactly alike. Transforming non-precious, sometimes industrial materials into colorful, richly patterned art jewelry is an ongoing exploration that keeps me fascinated.”

Be sure to click both pictures. One will take you to Sharon’s Flickr gallery, the other to her blog.

Art Imitating Nature

Melanie West has a series of bracelets called Bio-Bangle. And are they ever beautiful !!! They do make me think of sea shells and ocean critters. 🙂 Her eye for design, texture and color is incredible. I’ve seen Melanie’s jewelry over the past few years really blossom into exception works of wearable art. Can’t wait to see what inspires her next.

BioBangle - Bamboo

BioBangle - Bamboo

BioBangle - Octopus

BioBangle - Octopus

BioBangle - Sea Polyp

BioBangle - Sea Polyp

BioBangle - Sea Shell

BioBangle - Sea Shell

Kathi’s ALA Dontion

My pal Kathi made a stunning necklace & earring set and I adore the organic feel. She is donating it to the American Lung Association for an auction.

Organic at its best

Organic at it's best

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