Trash To Treasure Swap Update

The swap box has been making it’s rounds. In the last couple weeks it’s gone from Michigan to Illinois and then to Minnesota where Jessica is having the time of her life foraging through the box 🙂

She found a nice little stash of goodies to call her own.

Included some special gifts for BJ & myself 🙂 What a sweetie she is. We luvs pressies.

Plus added some fabulous items for everyone to pick from.

On The Move Again

The Trash To Treasure Round Robin Swap box in on it’s way from Alabama to Texas As I type. 🙂 That’s 14 stops down and 13 to go.

I can’t believe that box first left my house back in Aug. Hopefully it makes it back to me before the 1 year anniversary LOL

Janie shared some pictured on her blog.

World Travels of A Swap Box…. Continued

The Round Robin Trash To Treasure Swap box is on the move again.

It arrived in Augusta, GA where Vicky rummaged for goodies and then replaced what she kept with her own additions. I love that everyone is having so much fun with this even after the horrible incident with the original box.

In case you are a new reader, one of our swappers kept….. okay stole………. the original box. It broke everyone’s heart and was so disappointing. Thanks to a very generous group of women, who donated a bunch of stuff for a new swap box, we got back on track and the swap continued.

Next stop is Alice in Sebring, FL . Shouldn’t be any snow there to slow us down.

Mystery Box Giveaway

As some of you may recall, the Trash to Treasure swap box outgrew itself and arrived on my doorstep in 2 boxes. I thinned down the contents so it would all fit into a single box and forwarded it to the next recipient (but that’s another story)

With said extra contents, we had a Mystery Box Giveaway at PCC Forum. The winner just had to pay shipping to receive the box. The winner was Betty Jo. 🙂 She took some fabulous pictures of the contents and posted them on her blog. Take a gander 🙂

The World Travels Of A Swap: Part 6 (A life of it’s own)

Not only did the Round Robin Trash To Treasure Swap box out grow it’s original med. flat rate box, it outgrew the LARGE box. LOL This attests to the generosity of clayers 🙂

We had to detour the 2 boxes back to myself so I could downsize the contents. I removed any hostess gifts and took out some goodies for a Mystery Box drawing that will be hosted at the PCC Forum Winner will only be required to pay postage to receive the box.

These are my hostess goodies – thank you all so very much !!!!!!!!!!

hostess gifts

hostess gifts

UPDATE* The World Travels Of A Swap: Part 5 (Back In The USA)

Here is the picture Connie provided. It’s all the goodies she chose to keep from the box. Connie decided to make up wait to see what she put in the box 😉

Connie's Keepers

Connie's Keepers

The World Travels Of A Swap: Part 5 (Back In The USA)

The Round Robin Trash To Treasure Swap package has officially arrived back in the USA !!!!!!!!!!! Connie even let a message on my phone answering machine to let me know. So sorry I missed her call. Would have been a blast to speak with her. There may be pictures from Connie to share in the near futuure. I’ll post them if they become available.

The World Travels Of A Swap: Part 3

We have more movement of the swap box. 🙂

Turns out there are actually 2 boxes of goodies out there to be delivered. Bettina received the second box and has forwarded it to Pauli in the Netherlands. The first box got to Pauli’s house just hours before the post office was to close. She miraculously managed to go through the box, swap out her goodies and get the box back in the mail in record time. Pauli is one of the lucky ones departing for Euro Clay Carnival ( I am green with envy LOL) and wanted to pass along the package before she left. I am sure the second package will be waiting for Pauli when she gets back home. I will let her know where to forward it to so the second can catch up with the first.

Here are some pictures Pauli shared with me.
Just opening the box
Everything laid out on the table
Goodies Pauli added to the box
Items she kept

Keep checking back for further updates.

The World Travels Of A Swap: Part 2

I just received a note from Bettina saying the box arrived in Germany today and she got it right back in the mail. Way to go Bettina !!! (And thanks a million for the surprise you put in the box for me. Can’t wait to see it. HUGS!!)

Next stop is the Netherlands where Pauli will do her switch-a-roo and forward to box to Eva in Denmark. Keep checking back for updates as the box travels around the world. 🙂

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