Had a Little Contest on Facebook

I needed help choosing some new texture stamp designs, so I challenged my readers to choose for me. Here are the designs and winners ! A random drawing was done for a free stamp.  The drawing for that free stamp was won by Patricia Roberts-Thompson, who has promised us pictures of what she makes with her stamp. 🙂


Bark Texture #1 – Design A was the winner !



Bark Texture #2 – Design A was the winner !


Stone Texture #1 – Design B was the winner !

stonetexture 2

Stone Texture #2 – Design B was the winner !


A little experimenting with real stones

I have a small drawer full of real stone cabs and focal beads. I purchased these months ago with the intention of using them in combination with my polymer clay work. I finally made a couple test pieces to see if it was something I’d like to pursue. They turned out pretty decent. 🙂 I used large focal beads made of Ocean Jasper. The pendants are approx 2″ tall.

My New Etsy Gallery – Imitation Is The Best Form Of Flattery

Imitation is the best form of flattery
Faux techniques showing off the versatility of polymer clay.

Gera Scott Rocks !!

Hee hee 🙂 Couldn’t resist. Gera Scott unveiled a new bracelet design. She calls them Vesuvius BeachStone Bracelets. They truly look like pieces of stone. It was for sale it her Etsy shop, but unfortunately (or is that fortunately) it sold already. Beautiful work Gera 🙂

Inspiration From Nature

When I’m feeling artistically blocked and my muse has taken an unexpected vacation, I like to look to nature for inspiration. I recently found a seller on Etsy that uses butterfly wings to make jewelry (all butterflies passed of natural causes). I had never seen so many gorgeous colors and designs ! If only I could cane. I’d go crazy using the designs as a pattern.

Another source of caning inspiration are pictures of flowers.

And what about leaves? You can cane them or use the actual leaf for an impression in your clay.

Take a look around your back yard or favorite hiking trail. You can get some amazing texture off of stones & rocks.

A more unusual inspiration comes from fish scales. They come in so many colorful combination.

And what about a simple sunset? Imagine this as a Skinner Blend!

Then there are exotic bird feathers.

I hope these inspire you to create something wonderful 🙂

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