Featured Artist – Camille Allen

I stumbled onto Camille Allen’s work by chance. My mom forwarded an email to me called Marzipan Babies. The email had all these amazing picture of these tiny little hand sculpted babies that were beyond beautiful. My brain went into overdrive and I though “No way are those made of Marzipan. It has to be polymer clay”. Of course I had to visit the web site.

On the lead page of Camille’s web site is a disclaimer saying that if I am there because I followed an email called Marzipan Babies that her babies are ” NOT made of Marzipan, icing, chocolate or soap. They are not real premature babies.” Imagine having to put that disclaimer on your web page. LOL What is this world coming to. 🙂

As I suspected she does sculpted them from polymer clay. I love being right.

Educate Yourself With YouTube

YouTube has a wealth of learning right at your fingertips. If you are a visual learner like myself I am sure you will find something there to help you. I have watched so many wonderful tutorials and learned some great techniques for free !!! My thanks to all those fabulous people who make the videos and share them at no charge.

Face Canes



Covering Pens

Sculpting Hands

Making 2-Part Molds

Make a Skinner Blend

Clay Magnet Clasp

Swirl Beads (I couldn’t embed the video, so just click this link)

I could go on forever 🙂 Just search YouTube for Polymer clay and you will get hundreds of hits.

Jon Anderson – A Way With Animals

If you are not familiar with Jon Anderson’s work be prepared to be amazed!

Owl Animal Spirits

Owl Animal Spirits

Cat Animal Spirits

Cat Animal Spirits

He makes jewelry, too!
Butterfly Pendant

Butterfly Pendant

His work is shown and sold in many galleries. Check out these links.

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