Polyform has a new line of products for 2014 !

I am totally drooling over some of the new products in the Polyform 2014 product line !


On my wish list are the 2 silicone molds – you can bake with your clay in them ! One has cabochons, while the other has matching bezels. I know, right !! How cool is that?


Also the Hollow Bead Maker has different size domes to create different shaped beads.


The Silkscreen Kit also look like fun 🙂


Plus there are 4 new  graduated shape cutter sets, a Bead Maker the creates 3 different round beads – 13mm, 16mm, 18mm – with a measuring tool so you always have uniform size beads and a Bead Making Kit with all the tools you need. Oh, and they have a new sandpaper kit.


I saved the most interesting one for last. 🙂 There is a new clay called Souflle. It is light weight, but very strong. This quote is from the web site – “Experience a different kind of polymer clay.  Souffle is an innovative lightweight clay perfect for jewelry making! Its strength and ability to hold detail makes it an excellent clay for advanced techniques such as mokume gane, bargello and caning.   It is strong and self supporting and doesn’t crack in large pieces which makes it great for larger clay projects as well.  Beautiful suede finish when baked.  Comes in 22 fashion forward colors.”  I hope it makes it onto the nearest Michael’s craft store shelves soon, because I an just dying to try it !!!!

There is a great blog post about Souffle here that you can read. http://thebluebottletree.com/sculpey-souffle-introduction/


You can also sign up at http://university.sculpey.com/

“Free Registration!

Get access to the latest courses for free! Sculpey U provides monthly informational videos for registered students. Follow along as experienced designers demonstrate techniques and corresponding projects. Each class includes an in-depth video and printable instructions that include a shopping list. Sign up today! Happy claying!”



Now in my Etsy Shop: Button Molds & Texture Sheets

Tonight I listed 22 different button molds and 6 textures in my Etsy Shop. Click on any picture to see the listing.

They are all made out of silicone mold putty and completely food safe if you want to use them with fondant 0r chocolate. They are safe in the oven at up to 390F.

I have a Zibbet Store !

Please consider buying my stamps from my Zibbet Shop rather than my Etsy shop.

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With Zibbet I only pay a flat monthly fee, but Etsy charges both listing fees and final value fees. Plus there are fees for accepting PayPal or credit card payments. All those fees really take a bite out of my earnings.


Here are some examples of the 130+ stamp designs I have available.

2010henna3 gears

puzzledelder futhark

french new oldworld wallpaper2

2009henna1 dandelions 3


sakurabackasian script

Polyform – They’re At It Again: The Good & The Bad

Yesterday I got an email from a person I have purchased several eBooks from that contain Premo! Scupley color mixing recipes.  I now have hundreds of color recipes that may become useless. 😦 Seems Polyform , in all it’s wisdom  (LOL), has decided to discontinue several of the colors from the current product line. On the brighter side (I think) they are creating several new colors with really cutesy designer names. <Gag>

Discontinued colors:

  • 5018 copper
  • 5063 cobalt blue
  • 5072 zinc yellow
  • 5259 red pearl
  • 5289 blue pearl
  • 5299 green pearl
  • 5305 sea green
  • 5317 frost
  • 5503 fluorescent pink
  • 5515 violet
  • 5521 fluorescent green
  • 5583 fluorescent red
  • 5600 fluorescent yellow
  • 5703 glow in dark

New Colors (This was taken straight from Polyform’s Facebok announcement)

We are bursting with excitement – new colors with endless possibilities are just around the corner. It’s an unbelievable line-up with colors you requested. (*I don’t remember being asked) Have you ever imagined . . .
• Peacock Pearl –eye-catching in lustrous, confident extravagance
• Magenta Pearl – Glowing romance translated into art
• Sunshine – innocence as sweet as a day running through the sprinkler (*Seriously LOL)
• Navy – shades of royalty, commanding an audience
• Pomegranate – juicy, rich and irresistible on the tip of the tongue (* I wasn’t planning on eating it!)
• Denim – your favorite pair still fit, go ahead, try them on
• Bronze – statuesque brilliance glimmering in view
• Antique Gold – The classics are hard to ignore
• Bright Green Pearl – dew kissed spring grass glistening in the morning sun (*O-M-G ROFLOL)
These are only a few of the fabulous line-up of new premo! colors.

Watch for our 2011 New Line of premo! Accents
• Magenta Pearl • Purple Pearl
• Bright Green Pearl • Peacock Pearl (* I want to see this one real bad!)
• Translucent Blue • Translucent Red
• Translucent Yellow • Translucent Yellow
• Translucent Green • Blue Glitter
• Red glitter • Frost White Glitter
• 18K Gold  (*I hear it’s gorgeous) • Copper – updated color
• Antique Gold • Bronze (* very interested in this too) • Blue Granite • White Granite • Gray Granite  ( *Yeah !! Faux stones are back) • White Translucent – replaces Frost

New 2011 premo! Colors
• Denim • Spanish Olive
• Navy Blue (*didn’t we have navy blue years ago and they discontinued it?) • Blush
• Wasabi • Pomegranate
• Candy Pink • Sunshine
• Rhino Gray (? I can mix gray with black and white)

For me personally, losing several of the colors listed won’t really impact me, but how the he!! can they discontinue 2 primary colors??!! Cobalt Blue and/or  Zinc Yellow are the base colors in at least half of the recipes I purchased. And what about the all of us who purchased Lindly Haunani & Maggie Maggio’s fabulous book Color Inspirations? Not only are the blue and yellow used , but so are the fluorescent colors.  I haven’t even gotten started on the lessons in the book and what’s the point now? The book is basically obsolete, because Polyform has let pencil pushers and financial wizards decide for us what colors we need. The premise behind the Premo line was to make an artist grade polymer clay based on the true color palette of painters.  I guess they forgot the plan.

So folk, you better stock up on the discontinued colors while you have the chance. Polyform says they will be providing color mixing recipes for MOST of the discontinued colors. Though, how they are going to mix a primary color is beyond me, and color theory, not to mention how do we mix basic colors to get fluorescent?

Oh, and for you Sculpey III lovers there is good and bad news for you to.

Here’s the buzz about new Sculpey colors – fresh and trendy, always a crowd pleaser –

New for 2011 Sculpey III colors
• Pewter • Jewelry Gold
• Copper • Suede Brown
• Fuchsia Pearl • Glow-In-The-Dark
• Plum • Deep Red Pearl
• Candy Pink • Sky Blue
• Lemonade

The following colors are discontinued: Lt. Pink Pearl, Vanilla Crème, Pale Pistachio, Sunshine, Pottery, Stonewash, Tomato Red, Sunset, Ivory, Atomic Orange and Lemon. We’ll have recipes for most on our website.

As previously announced – Polyform has completely abandoned the Studio by Sculpey line. <snicker> Like we didn’t see that coming. Feel most sorry for all the poor souls that got talked into paying their hard earned money to become “certified” instructors. Hope they got a refund.

If you are a Facebook user, please go to the Polyform page and voice your opinion and concerns on their Discussions page.

Stepping off my soap box now 🙂

Polymer Clay Sequins

A friend shared this video link with me from the DIY channel. Great project you could do with the kids. Use liquid clay and mica powder to bake sheets of clay, then make circles with a paper punch.

New Sculpey Bake Shop Clay

A friend sent me a link to the Polymer Clay Superstore and I was surprised to see this new product called Bake Shop Clay by Sculpey.

Sculpey Bake Shop Clay

Sculpey Bake Shop Clay

I Googled the name and only got that one link to the clay. How odd that Polyform hasn’t tried to get the word out about a new clay.

The retail price is cheaper at $1.29 for 2 oz. I only saw 7 colors and there was no white, yellow or red, so I’d have to guess that they are just out of several colors. I’d sure be interested to hear if anyone out there has heard anything about the clay or has had the chance to use it.

Update* I just got some info from Jenn D. She told me there was some news about this clay in a Yahoo forum after CHA. Judi Weers told everyone “It feels like a cross between Sculpey III and Ultralight. It’s geared toward kids and, therefore, easier for them to condition and use. I got a bunch of samples to experiment with for our guild.” I’ll have to track Judi down and see how their guild liked the Bake Shop Clay.

Update #2* Another person who picked up some of this clay at CHA said is it a kids clay. It is very soft and is not a suitable replacement for artist grade polymer clay like Premo.

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