I have a Zibbet Store !

Please consider buying my stamps from my Zibbet Shop rather than my Etsy shop.

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With Zibbet I only pay a flat monthly fee, but Etsy charges both listing fees and final value fees. Plus there are fees for accepting PayPal or credit card payments. All those fees really take a bite out of my earnings.


Here are some examples of the 130+ stamp designs I have available.

2010henna3 gears

puzzledelder futhark

french new oldworld wallpaper2

2009henna1 dandelions 3


sakurabackasian script

Polymer Clay Is Acid Free and Safe For Scrapbooking

Polymer clay is listed in “Creating Keepsakes” magazine’s approved list of products, which means it has been tested by archival experts and is acid free. Good news for all you scrapbooking addicts. 😉 You can make one of a kind frames, tags and embellishments for you scrapbook pages when you can’t find exactly the right color or design you need in a retail shop. It just take a little imagination and an oven. 🙂

I have found a list of great links you might like to check out. (click each picture)

My Amazon Shop

Purchase your Polymer Clay books from my Amazon.com Associates Shop and save money. If you have Amazon Prime they ship free. http://astore.amazon.com/polcor-20