New Custom Order Completed

I received a request to make some custom needle tools. If I say so myself, they turned out fabulous !! Sort of a faux batik look that was completely unintentional.


And while I was at it, I covered my own needle tool and my craft knife handle 🙂


In case you were wondering, the needle tools are $9.99 ($11.99 if you want them varnished).

Free Tutorials You Just Have To Try !

First on my list was Bettina Welker’s cane she calls “Pixelated Retro Blend Cane”. It’s a twist on the extruded retro “Klimt” cane that has become so popular. Here is what I made using her tutorial.

Next I want to try Marie Davis’ border cane

The next is a fun, funky bracelet and I believe was written by Anna Anpilogova. It’s in Russian ) I think) but the pictures say it all 🙂

I use this tutorial by Valerie Wallace to make tile beads a few years ago. It sure helps keep the bead holes even!

I recently did a variation on this tutorial to make a quick and easy pendant. The tutorial will soon be on the Polymer Clay Central website.

A great faux bone or ivory tutorial written my Desiree McCrorey

This is a really cute way to make faux denim. It’s also in Russian ( I think LOL) But he pictures are great.

Yep, another one I can’t read. Good thing the pictures tell me what I need to know to make this fabulous extruded bracelet.

It’s a Russian invasion !!! Just kidding 🙂 But these gals are so talented. Just saying 🙂 Here is an amazing Poppy cane

Last but not least, I love this use of scrap clay to make a Magic Swirl Cane

If you want to see more great polymer clay tutorial both free and for sale join us over at the Facebook Group “Just Polymer Clay Tutorials”.

The Return of My Muse

I think my Muse likes to escape to a warmer climate in the Winter, because I rarely find the motivation to be creative when it’s cold and cloudy, but I believe my muse has returned from her vacation. At least for the time being. 🙂 I have actually finished several jewelry pieces in the last couple weeks. I even sanded and buffed them all and my friends know how much I looooove sanding. NOT !! LOL

First I made a couple bangle bracelets made using my Scrap Mokume Gane technique. This is a picture of one (they are very similar is looks)

Then I made 5 pendants using Mokume Gane technique which were inspired by the arrival of Julie Picarello’s new book, Patterns in Polymer Clay.

And I finally tried my hand at an idea that’s been swimming around my brain for a while. Hollow Domed Pendants with inset Swarovski crystal. Though I did use dichroic cabs in two of the six I made.

That’s all for now. I hope the creative juices are still flowing. I brought home a bag of clay from Michael’s today. Part of my birthday shopping spree. 🙂 I bought all the new colors of Premo !!! Can’t wait to play with them some more.

Inro – What Is It?

An Inro is a small ornamental box hung from the sash of a kimono to hold small objects such as cosmetics, perfumes, tobacco or medicines, because traditional Japanese garb lacks pockets. Inro can be made from a variety of materials including wood, ivory, bone, and lacquer (and polymer clay of course :). They evolved over time from a utilitarian article into objects of beauty and craftsmanship.

I have been playing with a technique I call Scrap Mokume Gane and I love that I can use it to make colorful pattered Inros. Ironically enough, the Mokume Gane technique is also Japanese in origin. Translated it means “wood eye metal”. Many layers of different precious metals are laminated together. The stack (or billet) is then cut or carved into to create a pattern. The metal is then flattened into a thin sheet and used for jewelry, household objects, etc.

My Inros do not have the traditional look of Mokume Gane, but I love the designs and colors I get from using scrap clay as the base and rubber stamps or texture sheets for the design. Look to my past posts for a link to my short tutorial on making the Scrap Mokume Gane sheets.

Inro 1

Inro 1

Inro 2

Inro 2

Inro 3

Inro 3

Inro 4

Inro 4

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