Moving Away From Etsy

On June 30th I will be removing my silk screen inventory from Etsy and moving to a group I created on Facebook . Etsy has changed too much over the past few years and no longer fully supports Handmade as was promised all those years ago. Very sad, but I need to do what is best for my business. Please follow me to Facebook and join the group 🙂 I have many new designs available. Something for everyone 🙂

Just a few examples of what’s new.



ArtFire Group Discount – Get a Pro Account for Only$5.95 per Month

Artfire is giving us the chance to have a Pro Account for only $5.95 a month versus the usual $15.95 a month.

All we have to do is spread the word to all our friends and groups.  As a collective we need to get 20,000 people to opt in for the locked-is $5.95 a month Pro Account. I am person number 4132  to sign up 🙂 What number are you?

Artfire only charges the monthly fee, no other listing costs or final value fees like eBay and Etsy charge. This sounds really good to me ! I’m shelling out at least $30 a month to Etsy for the fees they charge on every transaction (sale) I make. Plus the listing fees.

Come on, what do you have to really lose by giving it a try for one month? Less than $6, true? You can cancel any time after your first month if you are not happy with Artfire.  I really hope this come to fruition. I am looking forward to saving some of my money so I can out it back into my business.

Link to the deal –

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