Fall 2011 Stamp Designs Now On Sale

I took a vacation and created my Fall 2011 clear stamp designs. 48 so far and still a few floating around my head. 🙂

You can see them all in my Picasa album or purchase them from my Artfire Shop where I also have for sale some silk screen stencils that I made.

Here is a preview of just a few of the new stamp designs

As a bonus for my readers you can get 10% off your order in my Artfire Shop using the code POLYCLAYCORNER10

Happy Claying !!!

For those of you who prefer Etsy they are listed there too, but at .50 cents more per stamp to cover higher fees I have to pay. Artfire allows me to keep a little more cash in my pocket so I can pass the savings on to my customers. 🙂

New Fall 2010 Clear Stamp Designs Now For Sale

I’ve just listed 15 new clear stamp designs in my Etsy shop with several more in the works. My muse has kicked into overdrive this week and the designs are just pouring out !! Here are a few examples:

For all you texture junkies from your favorite enabler

Just found out Judi-Kins has a new product called Clay Squisher !!!!!! OMG are they freaking cool 🙂 10 different rubber texture mats with 6 different designs on each mat. I am in heaven. LOL

Excerpt from the web site says:
“Can be used with polymer clay, PMC, paper clay, shrink plastic and more. Set of 6 designs on each rubber mat. Made from a highly dense black rubber. Designs are 2 1/4 inches square. Sheets measure 7 x 5-1/2 inches and have punched holes for convenient binder storage.”

They retail for $9 each and I can only assume there will be a binder we can purchase to store them in.

Take a look at the designs.










Special Offer – Buy 5 Get 1 Free Clearstamps

I have several designs listed in my Etsy Shop. Purchase 5 and you’ll get 1 free. Just tell me which one you want free in the notes area of your PayPal payment.


Examples of what’s available.

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