Your Images and the Internet

It was recently brought to my attention that someone had taken several of my product images and was using them in to teach a class on making silk screens. NOT COOL !!! I make and sell clear stamps and silk screens with those images and it’s illegal copyright infringement. Just because you see an image on the internet does NOT mean you can copy that image and use it. Unless it says right there in print with the image that you have permission to use that image you must assume you do not have permission. Simple, right?

I preceded to remove all my product images from the internet and put a copyright watermark on all of the images in my Etsy listings. Hopefully this will put a stop to most of the illegal use of the images. Unfortunately, Pinterest is a still full of my images that were shared and re-shared. 😦 I can’t remove them. The downfall of this site is that the artist has no control over the images once they are saved to the website.

I highly recommend watermarking any image you wish to identity as your own and protect it from illegal use. There are several free watermark software apllications online, but non really did what I wanted them to do. I ended up purchasing uMark and it worked beautifully. I was able to very quickly and painlessly add a watermark to all 260+ images I use in my business.


Info on copyright

Build Your Own Photography Light Box

Saw this link on FaceBook and had to share it with my readers.  Looks like an inexpensive way to take great pictures.

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