New Product Available In My Shops !!!!!

I have recently added some really fun products to my Artfire and Etsy shops. Please try shopping at my Artfire shop if you would. 🙂 It allows me to keep more $ in my pocket since they don’t charge my listing and final value fees. You don’t even need an Artfire account. Just fill your cart and checkout using PayPal. Simple as that.

You can cover them with polymer clay to create wonderful gifts or items you can resell. Take a look at my sample projects – a business card holder, a mirror purse compact and a key-chain with a pill bottle.

They started out looking like this

I also have some fabulous deals on coverables like bangle forms in gold and silver plate, the very hard to find Papermate Flexgrip Ultra pens and small oval or round mirrors if you want to make your own purse mirrors. Take a look at the bangle I made using one of the forms. BTW- it won first prize in the August contest held by the Viola web site 🙂

Which started out like this

And I covered these Flexgrip pen examples.

The pens uncovered look like this

You can also find the Greatest Clay Blades, mica powders, teeny tiny clear reflective hole-less beads, the incredible Viva Decor brand Precious Metal Color paint, Clearsnap ink pads and some Kato liquid clay.

And of course you will always find my HUGE selection of clear stamps 🙂 Here is a look a 3 of my newest designs.

The Right Way To Write

I adore covering pens with polymer clay, but these people put my pens to shame !!! Take a look…………

My good friend Moe made these beauties

My good friend Moe made these beauties

Christy Sherman made these lovely blue ones.

My other good friend Jackie Sieben makes these amazing pen & perfume pen sets!

Had to share these, too. These pens are just too fun.

These were just too adorable not to share too 🙂 Love the stands for the pens.

Keila Hernandez made these colorful wonders.

Was made by Lisa Pavelka and you can find the instruction on how to make it in her DVD called Polymer Clay Treasures.

And the best for last. 🙂 Keith Henning is the most amazing pen artist and he uses polymer clay like no other to create the most beautiful pens. You really must look through all his pictures. There are pens that look like footballs & baseballs, tooled leather, animal skins…. Just see for yourself. You will be left drooling with your jaw on the keyboard 🙂

Tutorials on covering pens –

My Facebook Friends Feature Artist – Laurel Steven

Each Friday I am going to do my best to feature a polymer clay artist from my Facebook Friends. Today is the very first installment. I hope you enjoy 🙂

Every artist has their own style and Laurel Steven has brought out an eclectic design in her work. Take a look at these wonderful lockets and toggles.

Laurel had some of the coolest pens I’ve ever seen !! These are faux stone and wood.

Speaking of stone……. I can’t believe these rocks ain’t real !

And you must check out the hinged box necklaces.

I could stop here, but I won’t 🙂 I just had to show these pendants. The transfer work is exceptional.

Be sure to check out Laurel’s entire Flickr gallery
She also has an Etsy shop and is a proud member of the Polymer Clay Artists’ Guild of Etsy.
Laurel just gave me the link to her blog. Check it out too 🙂

Featured Artist – Jana Lehmann

I saw Jana’s pens on Polymer Clay Daily and followed the trail to her Flickr gallery. Wow ! I was floored by the imaginative and colorful work. Not just funk & funky pens, but wild pendants, beads and pins. Take a look at these examples.

Blog Finds For Nov 30th

I’ve really slacked off this week by not keeping my blog updated Thanksgiving week. Sorry to all my faithful readers 🙂

I was browsing through all my favorite blogs and found a bunch of yummy stuff to share.

A tutorial on stringing reversible tile bracelets

A beautiful orchid pendant

Some must see pendants the artist refers to as Landscapes

Check out the design on these pens. I am fascinated to know how it was done.

Gera Scott Chandler’s Fusion Bangles

Some Awesome earrings !!

A couple adorable geometric pendants

A face canes in profile tutorial you can purchase from Alice Stroppel

And last but not least the Synergy2 Collaborative Tile Project and Contest hosted by the International Polymer Clay Association. Can you match all the artists names to their tile?

I Added An E-Store To My Blog !

Now you can buy my jewelry right here on my blog. 🙂 Check the links on the right for category specific links.

I have listed a few pieces of jewelry, but will be adding more items over the next few days.

Educate Yourself With YouTube

YouTube has a wealth of learning right at your fingertips. If you are a visual learner like myself I am sure you will find something there to help you. I have watched so many wonderful tutorials and learned some great techniques for free !!! My thanks to all those fabulous people who make the videos and share them at no charge.

Face Canes



Covering Pens

Sculpting Hands

Making 2-Part Molds

Make a Skinner Blend

Clay Magnet Clasp

Swirl Beads (I couldn’t embed the video, so just click this link)

I could go on forever 🙂 Just search YouTube for Polymer clay and you will get hundreds of hits.

Playing with Scrap Clay

I accidentally discovered that scrap clay can be used to make a very colorful version of Mokume Gane (aka Hidden Magic). I was trying to mix a pile of scrap clay into a solid color and got to a point where the color was so interesting I just could not keep rolling the sheets of clay through the pasta machine. My favorite rubber stamp was laying there and I wondered what it would look like to texture the sheet and trim it like I would when I make mica shift.

I couldn’t believe my eyes as I started trimming off the raised areas. There was this colorful, almost watercolor looking, design in the clay. What a discovery. 🙂 After a creative dry spell I found my muse again. I spent the next week rolling my scrap clay into sheets, covering anything that didn’t move and a made few other goodies, too. LOL

They have mini sewing kits inside

They have mini sewing kits inside

Cuff Bracelet

Cuff Bracelet



More Pens


Wearable Vessel

Wearable Vessel

With the lid off

With the lid off

Perfume Atomizers

Perfume Atomizers

There are many more but I won’t bore you with the rest of the pictures. LOL

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