Over 500 Silk Screen Designs Available

It seems I can’t stop digging up fun and unusual designs to turn into silk screens.Β  I find I have a thrill for the hunt. This means I am gearing up for another sampler sale which will be held on my Facebook business page this time. I anticipate at least 50 new designs and only the most liked will make it into my Etsy shop, but all will be found for sale on my Facebook business page.Β  Check this album for all the available designs. Be sure to check my Facebook page or here on my blog for updates on the date and time of the Sampler Sale Event.

Here are some images of what new designs to expect in the Sampler Sale. I’ve gotten requests fro smaller designs that would be a better fit for earrings and beads. So hopefully I have hit the mark with some of these designs. πŸ™‚ Once I test them all for usability I will announce the Sampler Sale.

icons changing spots daisychain bowwow ripples coiled up growth rings mini alphabet cells round leaves sleet Seismic


Why Attend a Workshop? For results like these !

I am so jealous of all the people who are in a position to attend a workshop with one of the soooo many wonderful polymer clay teachers that are out there. I see pictures and I can not help but drool. If I’m drooling (and dreaming) then I choose to have you doing the same thing. LOL

Look at the student photos from this Kathleen Dustin Workshop that just happened on May 19 & 22, 2011 in Schaan. That’s in Germany I think.

This next photo is of the cuff bracelets students made during a class with Bettina Welker in Linz Austria.

And another of Bettina’s classes making Etched Pendants.

These pendants and mosaic boxes were created in classes taught by Anke Humpert

Tiles bracelets stamped with chalk taught by Jana Lehmann

Canes made in Leigh Ross’ Millennium Garden workshop

And what they made with the canes πŸ™‚

A Kaleidoscope Cane workshop with Kerstin Ruprecht

Canework from a Sandra McCaw intricate caning class.

Lovely beads made in a Donna Kato class

Student’s mokume gane projects from a Julie Picarello classes.

I seriously need a clay time fix now. How about you ?
Happy Claying !!!

Sutton Slice Fun

I’ve only tried this technique, the Sutton Slice, a couple of times with some success. It didn’t turn out perfect, but it wasn’t a candidate for the scrap pileΒ  either. <G> Areas of one sheet made this fan necklace. Which just happens to be on sale in my Esty or ArtFire shops πŸ™‚

A few months ago my pal Barbara Poland Waters hosted a swap where we traded decorated sheets of raw clay to do with as we wished. Fun swap !! One of the sheets of clay I received from Kathy Weinberg was decorated with the Sutton Slice technique and it was stunning. I had to immediately buy the Barbara McGuire stamp she used. LOL

I made a whole bunch of pendants with the sheet. The first pictured one I wore today and got the most wonderful compliments.Β  One of the ladies, who works with clay occasionally,Β  said “How come my polymer clay things never look that good” πŸ™‚

I hope to have all 17 pendants listed in my shops by Friday. Just in case anyone is interested πŸ˜‰

Sutton Slice By Valerie

Valerie Wallace, a wonderful person and artist (who is the exclusive supplier of my clear stamp line in the UK), shared a picture of the intricate Sutton Slice she recently finished. It took her hours to make, but oh so worth the work!! The stamp she used is from Lisa Pavelka’s Signature Series product line and I believe it’s 4″ X 6″.

Then the next day she shows off the sheet she made with one of my clear stamps ! I had no idea we could even do the Sutton Slice with clear stamps. What a pleasant surprise πŸ™‚ I am wondering if this design could be trimmed to fit a business card case. Perfect design for a guy.

You can read how to do this technique at HGTV’s website. Lisa Pavelka made a business card holder in an old episode of Carol Duvall.

Another short tutorial here at SurfinCat

More Examples

Here is an example from Sharon Solly

Another from Karen Breukelman

And this one by Julie Eaks is totally in my color palette

And last one πŸ™‚ A untrimmed sheet by Judy (sorry, I don’t know the last name), but I love the sheet !

Where does the time go? And Facebook Friends Featured Artist: Noelia Contreras

I can’t believe it’s been 9 days since my last post. Seems like I was just here. It’s those *bleeping* Facebook games I tell you. They are addictive. LOL

It’s time to feature a Facebook Artist again. I haven’t done this in a while and need to get back to my weekly feature schedule.

This weeks artist is Noelia Contreras πŸ™‚
Noelia is one talented and versatile clayer. Not only does she make the yummiest looking mini food

But she canes

and makes jewelry too

She also does some fabulous bead work, but you’ll have to wander on over to Noelia’s Flickr Gallery to see it and the rest of her incredible work. πŸ™‚
She also has an Etsy Shop
and a blog you might like to follow.

More Pendant Blanks On The Way – Plus Rings Too !

Just placed a larger order of Pewter Pendant Blanks. They should be here in about 2 weeks. Will be receiving the round and rectangle shapes again, plus ovals, squares, hearts and an elongated hearts. Also will have some round and square ring blanks. They are adjustable to fit size 7 – 9. Bands are tapered so they are 4MM behind the finger and 9 MM where the band meets the ring tray.


Claying Down Under With Ayelet Rottenberg

Ayelet Rottenberg of New Zealand has really caught my eye. Her cane work is stunning and I love the colors pallets she uses to create unique flowers.

She also has some wonderful picture tutorials on caning.

You can see all of her jewelry in her Flickr albums. Or perhaps I’ve inspired you to buy something from Ayelet’s Etsy shop.

Give It A Swirl

Swirl beads have become all the rage and there are some artists that have it down to a science. A great example are the beads made by Laura Timmins. She has a diagram on her web site showing the process she uses the make swirl beads that look nearly identical each time.

From Lauras Etsy SHop

From Laura's Etsy SHop

Here a few links to get you going πŸ™‚

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