My Smooch-ings: Experiments with Clearsnap’s New Inks

I finally sat down and finished the projects I started using Clearsnap’s new Smooch Pearlized Inks. The colors are fabulous, but I found one drawback. While the inks do dry quickly on paper (and your fingers LOL) they do not dry fast on polymer clay. I found I needed to heat set the ink or let it sit overnight. Oh, the inks don’t crackle like I hoped they would once dried. It was more of a spreading, like mica powders do when you roll the clay thinner.

My first project is a pendant I textured with a rubber stamp. I dabbed the inks over the raised areas with my finger.

The next is a similar pendant, but I textured it using the end of a seashell I found at my mom’s house. smooch2

The third is a tag art pendant. I smeared the inks on black clay in a rainbow effect and let dry over night. I cut the clay into strips and made a basket weave. I used a metal embossing plate to add texture. The bail is black clay.

The last is a fish I molded, painted completely with the Siren (red), then highlighted with the Gold Lame and Pumpkin inks. A dab of green on the eye 🙂 Next time I will apply the fish to something before I paint it. Inro maybe? Was a little difficult to move after I painted the fish and it was wet. When I finally moved it to a tile to bake it I broke off 3 fins while trying to be careful. LOL Live and learn. Next time I’ll work on deli wrap so I can peel it away from the fish.

Yetta’s Hollow Donut Cabachons

It’s a technique that Donna Kato learned from Yetta in New Jersey. As Donna said “Her (Yetta’s) solution is elegant, efficient, simple and pretty much foolproof.” I must say, I may not have a donut cutter (yet), but I see the possibilities with any cutter. And I am tickled to say that Donna used the silk screen stencils I made and sent to her last year on the donuts pictured below. 🙂

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