Now in my Etsy Shop: Button Molds & Texture Sheets

Tonight I listed 22 different button molds and 6 textures in my Etsy Shop. Click on any picture to see the listing.

They are all made out of silicone mold putty and completely food safe if you want to use them with fondant 0r chocolate. They are safe in the oven at up to 390F.

Another Possibly Handy Tool

I stumbled upon a non-stick work surface that might be a useful addition to your workbench or travel kit. It’s called the Clay Roller Kit by Activa Products, makers of Hearty Clay. It has rails you can insert to roll your clay out to different thicknesses.

FEATURES: Create uniform thicknesses (1/16″, 1/8″, 3/16″ 1/4″ rails included). 8″ X 10″ non-stick work surface. Great for: texturing, stamping, blending colors, creating patterns, and cutting shapes out. Ideal for: rubber stamping, accessory design, card making & jewelry making.
INCLUDES: (1) Clay Roller Kit (10 1/2″ roller, rolling board and rails)

With the work surface being non-stick, I bet metal clay users might find it handy too. 🙂

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