Incredible Canes !!!!

Wandering around Facebook I noticed one of my Friends had shared a link to one of their Friends. The link took me to a blog called Polymer Clay Shed. I couldn’t believe I hadn’t seen this blog yet, because I was definitely missing out.

The artists name is Carola Greiser and she goes by CraftsByCag. She’s a member of PCAGOE (Polymer Clay Artist Guild of Etsy). Carola has one Etsy shop for her jewelry , which has some amazing bead for sale and a second shop for her other items, like crochet hooks and pens. But what I really want to share with you all is Carola’s cane work. It is nothing short of stunning !!!! I sooooooo want the 2 purple background one in the first picture 🙂

That is just a tiny fraction of the cane work you can see in Carola’s Flickr Photo Gallery. Enjoy and try not to drool 😉


Backgroundless Canes !!

Just spotted over at Naama’s blog that Idit Zoota discovered a fabulous way to be able to reduce your canes and still have them without a background. She used Play Dough to outline the design before she packed the cane to make it round.
Check it out at Naama’s Blog

Jon Anderson – A Way With Animals

If you are not familiar with Jon Anderson’s work be prepared to be amazed!

Owl Animal Spirits

Owl Animal Spirits

Cat Animal Spirits

Cat Animal Spirits

He makes jewelry, too!
Butterfly Pendant

Butterfly Pendant

His work is shown and sold in many galleries. Check out these links.!=A&ID=783

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