News in the Polymer Clay World

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. Life…… you know how it can be. Flu bug, hard drive crashed, making stamps. Keeping me busy. Too busy sometimes. Feeling better, computer fixed, stamps made……….at least the orders that are due to ship today are made.

News on the street:

The new Premo colors are now available in several online shops and Munro’s Craft locally. Hopefully more of the brick and mortar stores will have them soon, too. Look out Michael’s ! First 4/$5 sale you have with the new colors in stock will have me hopping like a one legged man in a butt kicking contest. LOL For now, I am lucky enough to have clay pals that live near Munro’s in Detroit that can go there and pick it up for me 🙂 Thank you Claudia and Kimba !!! You’re the best !

Just read on Facebook that the Kato Polyclay line may be getting expanded. New colors are being looked at and they want your opinions. What new colors would you like to see most? Tony, the wiz behinds the scenes at Kato Polyclay, has shared some fabulous color mix recipes for metallic clay you can find on Facebook, too.

Christi Friesen’s new book Woodland Creatures is available for sale on her website or Polka Dot Creations. I got my copy a few days ago. 🙂 In the back of the book it says that the next book in the lineup is Dogs. 🙂 Can’t wait to get it.

I have a cute a Valentine’s Magnet tutorial I saw that I’d like to share. Fun project to do with your kids, student or just for yourself.

Sarajane Helm’s new book A Collection Of Polymer Clay Masks is also available. It’s a coffee table book, no projects, but what a great example of masks. All kinds of masks. And I have 7 in there 🙂 I am so honored that Sarajane felt they were worthy. Purchase your autographed copy from Sarajane directly or you can find it at and get free shipping.

The Motherload From The Motherland

Russian artists Del Moro, a relative new comer, has taken the polymer clay world by storm. His eye for detail and design is incredible. You have really got to check out his gallery. I wish I could post all the pictures, but you will have to settle for just a tease. 🙂

La Belle Verte - beads and earrings set

La Belle Verte - beads and earrings set

Rock Arsenal Series

Rock Arsenal Series

Mask Series

Mask Series

Sarajane’s Mask Swap 2009

I have been participating in this swap since 2004 and each year it just gets better. 🙂 Sarajane and her hubby put a lot of work into this swap. Can you imagine getting having about 50 people sending you packages. With each package having at least 10 items in it. More likely there were 20, 30 or 40 items in each package. I was in 2 groups, so I sent 20 masks total. As I understand it there were 100 spots, so if I figured correctly, with 10 masks per spot that makes 1000 masks to deal with. Yikes ! Bryan, Sarajane’s hubby, spent 3 hours at the post office mailing our boxes back to us. He deserves a huge thank you.

THANK YOU, BRYAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My first mask, the butterfly, was make with a rubber stamp (clear stamp) I  made myself. I used mica powders and glitter added to Lisa Pavelka’s UV Gloss. The second mask came out as a pendant. I sculpted the face myself. Not bad for having no idea what I was doing. LOL I actually made several different versions of the face. Some had mica powders (sort of a faux raku effect), some had crackled gold leaf, some had cane slices. All had a cubic zirconia stone in the forehead 🙂 I, unfortunately, forgot to take a picture of all the masks together 😦 So you will see here the two of mine I received back.

Everyone did such an awesome job on their masks !!!!!!!!! Take a look at the 2 groups I was in.
Top Row: Tonja, Ronnie, Mary Vanderwood, Jenn Dorion.
Middle: Diane Paone, Alicia Baker, Jainnie Cox, Elaine Robitaille.
Bottom Row: Sarajane Helm, Julie Leir-VanSickle

Top Row: Tonja, Michelle Zimmerman, Kimba Wilson, Ronnie.
Middle: Susan Mara, Alicia Baker, Ellen Rumsey, Patricia Edmonds.
Bottom Row: Sarajane Helm, Judy Dunn.

And not to play favorites – okay, I’m playing favorites LOL Not that I didn’t love all the masks I got. These 2 just really spoke to me 🙂
Michelle Zimmerman
Patricia Edmonds

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