Steampunk Stamp Duo by Lisa Pavelka

Talk a bout fun 🙂 Lisa has a new set of stamps added to her product line for Steampunk lovers. There is a traditional “Outtie” stamp and the “Innie” can be used as a mold or for the Sutton Slice technique.

You can also purchase them individually if you choose.

Pardo Professional Art Clay

I wanted to share with you all some interesting news. Viva Decor has developed an improved version of Pardo Jewelry Clay called Pardo Professional Art Clay . The 5 officers of the German Polymer Clay Guild helped develop it and I hear it’s going to be fabulous. Bettina Welker, from the German Guild, tells me that it will be available to purchase in April. Start saving that pocket change everyone. If I find out the price will be on these 60 grams (2.11 ounces) packs I will let you know.

List of colors:

From the companies product info:
* The new clay is considered “professional grade” and will be firmer
* It will come in 14 primary colors for custom blending, plus a translucent.
* The translucent is so clear you can read through it, and it will not yellow.
* It’s the strongest, most flexible clay on the market.
* Price point is set at $3.49 per 2.1 oz blister pack.

Oh, i nearly forgot. 🙂 Lisa Pavelka is the new face of Pardo clay. She has given her full endorsement and demoed the clay at CHA.

Recap on Pardo Clay attributes: beeswax based, made with premium pigments, pthalate-free, environmental friendly, plastic container made of 60% recycled materials, many wonderful colors.

I have used the original version Pardo clay. While I did find it soft, I still liked it and all the amazing colors. Only drawback is the price. After it’s been on the store shelves a while in the USA and it gets popular, maybe we will see it go on sale. A person can dream, right? 🙂

Book Review: Complete Book of Polymer Clay

I finally got my copy of Lisa Pavelka’s new book – The Complete Book of Polymer Clay.


I’m pretty picky about what books I keep in my personal library. When I buy a book, I look it over and decide if it has anything I haven’t already learned and if it’s something I want to learn. If it meets that criteria I keep it.

Lisa Pavelka’s new book “The Complete Book of Polymer Clay” is a keeper. Yes, it does have beginner info, (what else would you expect with the word COMPLETE in the title) but it also has some advanced projects that even this clayer of 12 years like me hasn’t tried yet and is longing to give a go.

The book is well written, the pictures are very helpful and the projects are fun. There is also a small gallery of pictures featuring other clay artists that will give you some inspiration. Sounds like a complete book to me 🙂

Check out Lisa’s web site where you can shop, see her amazing work, get some tips on working with polymer clay or watch an instructional video.

Book & DVD News

Crafty Goat / Angela is co-authoring a book called Polymer Clay 101 with Kim Otterbein due on shelves Jan 2011

Iris Mishly has been published in the 1000 Ideas for Creative Reuse Book

Jana Roberts Benzon’s new DVD available soon is called Innovations: Beyond 2D Dimensional Jewelry Designs See Jana’s work here.

Lynne Ann Schwarzenberg has her first dvd, Using Floral Canes to make Tiles & Veneers, available now at Polymer Clay Productions See more on Lynne’s web site

Don’t forget you can still pre-order Bettina Welker‘s new book (in German – but comes with PDF English translation of projects) Edle Schmuck-Unikate & Accessoires aus Polymer-Clay

Also coming soon is the Complete Book of Polymer Clay by Lisa Pavelka.

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