Polymer Clay Is Acid Free and Safe For Scrapbooking

Polymer clay is listed in “Creating Keepsakes” magazine’s approved list of products, which means it has been tested by archival experts and is acid free. Good news for all you scrapbooking addicts. 😉 You can make one of a kind frames, tags and embellishments for you scrapbook pages when you can’t find exactly the right color or design you need in a retail shop. It just take a little imagination and an oven. 🙂

I have found a list of great links you might like to check out. (click each picture)

More Journal Pictures

I found the pictures of the last 3 journals I made.

I used real gold leaf and bamboo

I used real gold leaf and bamboo

Lots of mica powders and laser cut card stock

Lots of mica powders and laser cut card stock

Made for Syndee Holt Chat homework

Made for Syndee Holt Chat homework

Journals & How To Make Them

I found a very nice tutorial on making journals from scratch by Dawn R. Vinson and it made me think back on all the handmade journals I made in my early days of claying. I recycled to covers off of a set of very out of date encyclopedias that this gentleman couldn’t even give away for free at a yard sale, except to me obviously, but I didn’t want to read them 🙂

I used handmade paper to hide the old covers and colorful scrapbook paper on the inside for journaling. I attached the pages through the spine with waxed cotton thread and dangled beads on the ends.

Here are a few examples of my earliest journals. I can’t seem to find the pictures of the last few I made. 😦

You can make a quick and easy journal by making a cover for a small spiral bound book. Lisa Pavelka made a beautiful silk screened cover on Carol Duvall.

I found some amazing journal covers by Christina A Kapono .
Christina A Kapono

And look at all the great journals by Lady Artisan

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