Injet Printable Freezer Paper For Transfers ?

A while back I wrote a post about unusual ways to do transfers onto clay. I found another product that has possibilities. I just purchased a pack of C. Jenkins Freezer Paper Sheets (50 – 8.5 X 11 Sheets) and am so excited to experiment with this paper when it arrives.

Pricing for this type of paper has quite a large range. I saw it as low as $6.95 for 50 sheets of the C. Jenkins brand and as high as $12.99 for 10 sheets of the June Taylor brand. Between these 2 is Quilter’s Freezer Paper Sheets by C&T which costs $8.95 for 30 sheets.

Transfers Techniques You May Not Know About

There are so many ways to do transfers onto polymer clay it’s hard to keep track of them all. Here a few you may have missed.

Tina Holden describes how to do transfers with Flecto Verathane

Valarie Aharoni has a couple types of transfers described on her blog. First she uses an
acrylic polymer medium on toner copies.

The second technique uses baking parchment run through an inkjet printer.

I also found JudiKins TranzIt Rinse-Away Paper. The instructions are at the Polymer Clay Review Blog.

GOLDEN (brand) Digital Grounds is a new line of products that are Ink-jet Receptive Coatings. They say you can do transfers on any surface with this product.

This one doesn’t say it’s for clay, but could be interesting if it works. Mist Hair Gel and an inkjet printer??

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