Great List of Faux Links

The links aren’t faux, just the techniques 🙂

Gera Scott Rocks !!

Hee hee 🙂 Couldn’t resist. Gera Scott unveiled a new bracelet design. She calls them Vesuvius BeachStone Bracelets. They truly look like pieces of stone. It was for sale it her Etsy shop, but unfortunately (or is that fortunately) it sold already. Beautiful work Gera 🙂


Imitation Murano Milifiori

I stumbled upon this amazing piece of art just a few moments ago.

Talk about fabulous design. I totally have to try this ! It looks like real Murano glass, only much more beautiful 🙂 The artist goes by Medusa Arte (translate the French text with Babel Fish)

Best Faux Agate I’ve Ever Seen

When checking my blog reader for new posts I found the most fabulous tutorial for faux agate over at Parole De Pate. Credit for the tutorial is given to Florence of Creation My Way. You really need to check it out !

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