Just Listed 70 New Stamps & Silk Screens

My Etsy shop is bursting with new listings ! I have 2 different sizes of clear stamps available, plus all the silk screens you could ever desire. 🙂

Here are just a few example:


T2 T1 R5 R4 N18 N3 many hearts outline micro cells

Silk Screens

R4 E9 E6 tribal leaf bamboo leaves more mums african symbols african mudcloth


New DVD Confident Color – Release Expected Tomorrow

Lindly Haunani’s new DVD called Confident Color is expected to be released tomorrow. (fingers crossed) I pre-ordered mine a few weeks ago at Polkadot Creations and saved a bundle ! It was originally to be a single DVD, but they had so much great content form Lindly they expanded it to a 2 disk set. I am sooooo excited to get mine. I am color challenged. 🙂

Pre-order yours today and save $11 !!

My Amazon Shop

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