Free Tutorial Alert: Blue Stitched Flower Cane

stitched flower cane

Kael Mijoy recently added this wonderful flower cane tutorial to her blog. I am a visual learner (and cane challenged LOL) so I really appreciate the easy to follow instructions and lots of pictures. 🙂 I may even give it a try.

Free Rock Purse Tutorial

Over at the Blue Damselfly Jewelry Blog, I believe the writer’s name is Julie, you will find a really fun tutorial on making rock purses. While not a new idea, it’s always great to have a new take on an old technique.
Rock purses are pretty much what it sounds like. You use a real rock as a shape form to bake the clay around.The possibilities are endless considering every rock is different.  🙂 Years ago I made a bunch of Rock Purses. This was after I spent many weeks searching for the perfect rocks on job sites I visited with my hubby.

This one is in Linda Geer's collection

My very 1st try many many years ago

made with Sculpey Ultralight clay

With a larger rock you can make bowls and covered dishes like these 2 I made.

A few more tutorials you can find on the web to make rock purses, vessels, bowls and boxes.

And some great pictures of rock purses and vessels.

Made by Karin Ashdown

MAde by Jeanette Easley

Made by Tejae Floyde

Dora’s Tutorial – Building a Kaleidoscope Cane

Follow this link over to Dora’s Explorations for a great tutorial on putting together Kaleidoscope Canes.

Friendly Warning Against Polymer Clay “Secrets” Web Site

Please, don’t fall into their trap. Web sites like these ( are not offering you anything you can’t find out for free on the Web. Ask me 🙂 If I can’t answer your question I’ll point you in the direction to find the answer.

There is a place called Polymer Clay Central that has a forum where I am on staff. The members are from all over the world. They are kind, generous and willing to bend over backwards to help you learn. Drop in at the PCC Forum and say HI. We would love to have you as a member. Sign up for a basic account, it’s free.

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