Custom Color Mixing

If you are color challenged like I am you might want to try using color mixing recipes. Every Spring and Fall I buy the new recipes loving created by Chris Dembinski. You can buy them in her Etsy Shop for 3 types of polymer clay, which are Premo!, FIMO Classic and Kato Polyclay. The color palette imitate the  PANTONE’s color trends, so you can blend with the latest fashions 🙂 Th e-books are an instant download. So you can buy them & download them immediately.


Here are the 3 newest recipes e-books for Spring 2014

New DVD Confident Color – Release Expected Tomorrow

Lindly Haunani’s new DVD called Confident Color is expected to be released tomorrow. (fingers crossed) I pre-ordered mine a few weeks ago at Polkadot Creations and saved a bundle ! It was originally to be a single DVD, but they had so much great content form Lindly they expanded it to a 2 disk set. I am sooooo excited to get mine. I am color challenged. 🙂

Pre-order yours today and save $11 !!

Good News For The Color Challenged

I freely admit that I am color challenged. Don’t even ask me to mix a certain shade of bluish purple, because it won’t happen. At least it wouldn’t have happened. I have already purchased the book Polymer Clay Color Inspirations by Lindly Haunani and Maggie Maggio. Haven’t gotten to far into it yet, but I am intrigued that it reads like a lesson book that teaches you how to create good color pallets.

FYI: Did you all know that Elise Winters’ Cascade Ruffle necklaces (her similar work is on the cover of Polymer Clay Color Inspirations) were in Cynthia Rowley’s Fall 2010 runway show during NY Fashion Week !!!!

Now I have my eye on Lindly Haunani’s new video From Abba Dabba Video called Innovations: Confident Color – Exploring Textile Patterns. Now this is more my speed. I am a visual learned. Reading the instruction sometimes just doesn’t sink in for me. Watching something being done is a whole different thing.

You will learn how to add harmony to your work with increased color confidence while learning valuable bench tricks and techniques for working with polymer clay. Lindly will walk you through making a series of color coordinated stripe blends that will be used to make eleven different laminated textile inspired patterns including: Ikat, Seminole Stripes and Flame stitch.

The video will be release in March. You can pre-order it from Lisa Clarke over at

Q&A With Lindly Haunani About Upcoming Color Inspirations Book

I found a great Q&A conducted by Woody Rudin over at Polymer Art Archive. He asked Lindly a few pointed questions the book and getting it published. Check it out 🙂

Color Scale

Maggie Maggio has been kind enough to share her wisdom with the rest of us. 🙂 She has provided both written tutorials and videos to teach us color mixing so we can achieve the color pallets we desire.

This is the first of 3 videos.

The second of the series called Color Scales II

And the third – Color Scales In Triangles

This is where you find the handout sheets for video 3.

Some other helpful links

This last link will take you to this seasons color pallets.

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