New Mayan / Aztec Clear Stamp Designs

These designs  available in the large stamp format at my Etsy Shop.


Mayan/Aztec design sheet 1


Mayan/Aztec design sheet 2


Mayan/Aztec design sheet 3


Mayan/Aztec design sheet 4

You guessed it :) More new stamps in my Etsy shop

I have been busy listing new stamps in my Etsy Shop . These are just a few of the new designs for the larger 5.5″ X 4″ clear stamps I now sell.  Hope you like them. 🙂

Click on any image to go to the Etsy listing.


60’s Funk


Tribal Fantasy


Water Droplets


Weathered Wood


Fish Scales



Another set of New Stamp Designs Available

I just listed these 3 new clear stamps design. They are part of the larger size stamp selection.

Click the picture to check them out in my Etsy Shop .

Alien Reptile

Seamless Leaves (My first attempt at a seamless texture. You can use it side by side on a large project to continue the pattern)

Summer Breeze


3 New Larger Size Stamps Just Listed

I just got done listing 3 new 6″ X 4″ stamps in my Etsy shop. The first is the Italian Text

The other 2 are the same image, sort of.  🙂 I did a positive and a negative image of the same design, which reminds me of an ammonite fossil. One works as a traditional stamp, the other works like a mold.  So when it’s stamped into polymer clay (or any clay), you get a raised image instead of an impression of the design. Both are lovely when used for either the mica shift or mokume gane techniques.

New Products In My Shops

I just got in a nice selection of Hot Fix Crystals that are gorgeous !!! They come in a dozen colors in both 4mm (16ss) and 5mm (20ss) sizes . I should have them listed by this weekend. Just a quick note – the aren’t Swarovski, but I can barely tell the difference. These are very high quality and you will not be disappointed. (and they cost less)

I have also placed an order for liquid masking.

After seeing how Heather Campbell uses it in her faux batik technique I just had to try it. 5 of the 12 bottles I ordered are already spoken for.  So if you want to get on the list please post a comment  here with your full name or leave me a message on this topic on my Facebook biz page.  I will keep everyone informed as to their arrival.

I also have Deli Wrap in stock. These plastic wrap sheets are 8″ X 10 3/4″ with 1000 per box. They are water proof and oil resistant, so they will not react to the polymer clay like plastic wrap tends to do. It won’t melt or soak up the clay sofeners which makes the clay brittle and impossible to use. Great for wrapping and storing your canes and open packs of clay.  You can also check out my silk screen stencils and clear stamps while you are there 🙂

My newest clear stamp designs are Tribal. Here is an example.

FYI International shoppers – I can fill a flat rate padded envelope for $16.95 . With some exchange rates it makes shipping pretty cheap for up to 4 pounds of merchandise. 🙂




Fall 2011 Stamp Designs Now On Sale

I took a vacation and created my Fall 2011 clear stamp designs. 48 so far and still a few floating around my head. 🙂

You can see them all in my Picasa album or purchase them from my Artfire Shop where I also have for sale some silk screen stencils that I made.

Here is a preview of just a few of the new stamp designs

As a bonus for my readers you can get 10% off your order in my Artfire Shop using the code POLYCLAYCORNER10

Happy Claying !!!

For those of you who prefer Etsy they are listed there too, but at .50 cents more per stamp to cover higher fees I have to pay. Artfire allows me to keep a little more cash in my pocket so I can pass the savings on to my customers. 🙂

Sutton Slice With My Stamps !!!

Angelina Edwards AKA ColtPixy has made to most gorgeous Sutton Slice sheets using my stamps !!! I just have to try this technique out out 🙂

You can see more of Angelina’s work in her Flickr Gallery
Over at Deviant Art
And on her Blog
Check out her Artfire Shop

Info on Sutton Slice Technique:

People using my stamps in their art :)

I just wanted to share a few pictures of some beautiful pieces of jewelry where the artist has used one of my clear stamps as texture. I feel like a proud parent LOL

First is my pal Janie in Alabama. She runs a shop called Life Art Designs over at Etsy. She says is getting ready for an arts and crafts show on Dauphin island on April 16th. If you are in the area you should drop by and take a look at her fabulous work. Janie has combines polymer clay with fine silver clay (.999% silver) to make this gorgeous piece using my Asian Script clear stamp.

The next person is one of my faithful Etsy shoppers 🙂 Her shop is call Mindfulmatters. She used my ever popular Vintage Circuit Board clear stamp to create this wonderful pendant.

She also made this intricate barrette using my Runes clear stamp.

Wandie Ortiz has a shop called Bijoux Hibou at Etsy and she used my Branches clear stamp to make this very colorful pendant, which I just love, that has a glazed ceramic look.

Here we have Kristen from Canada. Another of my Etsy buyers. (Thanks you Etsy) Her Etsy shop is called Wasabeads. Kristen used my Vintage Circuit Board clear stamp to make this great pendant and earring set.

You can find over 70 clear stamps currently listed in my Artfire and Etsy shops. Please drop by and take a look. 🙂 I am positive you will find them interesting and unique. I design my stamps with polymer clay in mind, but they can be used on a multitude of surfaces. If you can stamp on it, they will work 🙂

Sutton Slice Fun

I’ve only tried this technique, the Sutton Slice, a couple of times with some success. It didn’t turn out perfect, but it wasn’t a candidate for the scrap pile  either. <G> Areas of one sheet made this fan necklace. Which just happens to be on sale in my Esty or ArtFire shops 🙂

A few months ago my pal Barbara Poland Waters hosted a swap where we traded decorated sheets of raw clay to do with as we wished. Fun swap !! One of the sheets of clay I received from Kathy Weinberg was decorated with the Sutton Slice technique and it was stunning. I had to immediately buy the Barbara McGuire stamp she used. LOL

I made a whole bunch of pendants with the sheet. The first pictured one I wore today and got the most wonderful compliments.  One of the ladies, who works with clay occasionally,  said “How come my polymer clay things never look that good” 🙂

I hope to have all 17 pendants listed in my shops by Friday. Just in case anyone is interested 😉

Sutton Slice By Valerie

Valerie Wallace, a wonderful person and artist (who is the exclusive supplier of my clear stamp line in the UK), shared a picture of the intricate Sutton Slice she recently finished. It took her hours to make, but oh so worth the work!! The stamp she used is from Lisa Pavelka’s Signature Series product line and I believe it’s 4″ X 6″.

Then the next day she shows off the sheet she made with one of my clear stamps ! I had no idea we could even do the Sutton Slice with clear stamps. What a pleasant surprise 🙂 I am wondering if this design could be trimmed to fit a business card case. Perfect design for a guy.

You can read how to do this technique at HGTV’s website. Lisa Pavelka made a business card holder in an old episode of Carol Duvall.

Another short tutorial here at SurfinCat

More Examples

Here is an example from Sharon Solly

Another from Karen Breukelman

And this one by Julie Eaks is totally in my color palette

And last one 🙂 A untrimmed sheet by Judy (sorry, I don’t know the last name), but I love the sheet !

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