Happy New Year, Resolutions and Thoughts

Happy New Year !!!!

I can not believe it’s 2011 already. Where the heck did 2010 go? It was pretty good to me and I’ll miss it. πŸ™‚ My clear stamp business has become a smashing success. At least by my standards. It keeps me busy and fills my PayPal account with money to resupply my polymer clay habit.

I also discovered a new passion for covering little colored glass balls with cane slices and calling them Christmas ornaments. πŸ™‚ I drove to the city this morning and hit the Michael’s clearance sale. (That 25% off entire purchase coupon was handy) Came back with a dozen boxes of those little glass ball in assorted yummy colors. I’ve already decided our tree next Christmas will be hot pink, white and lime green. Much to my husbands dismay. LOL Guess I better start stocking up on canes now (or learning to make my own) so I can decorate said new ornaments. If I start tomorrow I may be done in 357 days.

And for those of you who have asked, I will be selling the ornaments again next year. They were a huge hit with the recipients this year so I have a good feeling they will sell like hotcakes next year, too. πŸ™‚


#1 I have decided I need to stop letting all the little things stress me out. I have anxiety issues already and if I can learn to tell myself “Nope, ain’t going there. I can’t control this and I’m not going to let it freak me out” I’ll lead a much healthier life.

#2 I am going to make more time for my jewelry making. It somehow got put on the back burner last year. (LOL Last year πŸ™‚ That sounds weird) I am going to try to make sure I set aside most of the weekends to devote to my jewelry. Even if I have to barricade the door and tell hubby to fend for himself.

I already have 2 finished projects for 2011. Yeah me !! It’s something I have been wanting to try for ages. Actually 2 somethings. I’ve been seeing all these wonderful findings on Etsy. I finally bought some and they arrived New Years Eve. I topped the projects off with UV Resin, which I bought nearly a year ago and never tried. So here are pictures of my projects.

Polymer clay inset into metal pendant finding & covered with UV resin.

Polymer clay inset into metal pendant finding & covered with UV resin.

More polymer clay inset in metal earring findings, coated wit UV resin

More polymer clay inset in metal earring findings, coated wit UV resin

Some random thoughts
I wanted to say to all my Facebook Friends, PCC Family, ArtFire Smooshers and devoted readers, thank you for making my life fuller and more interesting. πŸ™‚ Blogging wasn’t something I thought I could get into, but it’s been fun sharing and reading all your comments. Hope 2011 finds you all happy, healthy and prosperous.

A recent post on Facebook by one of my new friends got me thinking. It was about the infamous “giving credit” subject. While I think giving credit for someone’s techniques you may have used in your own projects in a nice thing, I don’t feel it’s mandatory. I sure don’t expect it of anyone who buys my tutorials or clear stamps. In my opinion, people who write tutorials or teach classes or make video lessons do this hoping you will use the technique and yes, perhaps even sell the things you make. I’m pretty sure they do not expect people to add a thank you note to ever item they show pictures of or list in a selling venue. That’s just silly and unnecessary. Of course, this is just my opinion, yours may very and you are entitled.

That’s it for my first post of 2011. Hope to see you here again πŸ™‚

They’re All Done !!!!

The ornaments are all done and ready for the mail. Hopefully Priority mail gets them there in time.
Without further ado…… here is the purple set of 12 ornaments!

More of Those Ornaments For the Custom Order

As some of you will recall, I posted some pictures of some of the ornaments I was making for a custom order. I have more to share πŸ™‚ 2 dozen down, 1 more to go in the mail Monday. They are on their way to an old school friend who is with her hubby stationed at a Japan US AFB.

Just the Cutest Christmas Light Ever !!!

I was browsing the Etsy forums and stumbled onto a link I just had to share. Katie Oskin post a tutorial on her blog showing how to make her adorable little Christmas light ornaments.

She has them for sale in her Etsy shop too πŸ™‚

Polymer Clay Is In “The House”!

I came across a wonderful polymer clay artist on Facebook. Her name is Consuelo Okdie who is a resident of Florida You can tell by the wonderful array of colors and design she uses in her work πŸ™‚ Don’t be surprised to see palm trees, bright pink flamingos, sea turtles and the odd alligator on the wonderful Christmas ornaments and illustrations she creates.

Consuelo posted some exciting news on Facebook. She was featured in a local magazine called Scene. The story, called The Ho Ho Ho of Holiday Collectibles, is about local artists and festive Christmas collectibles. The article also mentions how Consuela was honored by having 4 of her handmade ornaments chosen to be hung on a The White House Christmas Tree! I have the distinct honor to share with you 2 pictures of her ornaments that have never been published anywhere else. πŸ™‚ Aren’t they gorgeous !

Here is the picture of the amazing bird ornament appropriately namedΒ  “Flying Fabulosity” that was featured in the magazine article. It is made with black polymer clay and embellished with foil, wire & seed beads.

This turtle ornament is one of my favorite. Just look at that detail.

And speaking of detail. This illustration in clay is breathtaking ! Even if it has big dangerous teeth. LOL

And my heart skipped a beat when I saw the carousel horses.Β  It brought back childhood memories of riding the carousel in Downtown Spokane at Riverfront Park.

You can see more of Consuela’s wonderful art in her Flickr Gallery.

A quote from Consuela “I’ve been an artist my whole life & have worked inΒ many different mediums. Before discovering polymer clay I worked as a cartoonist, in a stained glass studio & as an animal portriat artist working in acrylics to name a few.Β  I discovered pc about 10 years ago after watching Donna Kato on Carol Duval. After a year of making some of the most horrible things I’d ever created it just really clicked in my brain how pc worked. Since then I’ve had my work in several magazines including PolymerCAFE & Bead&Button and was fortunate enough to have appeared on Crafters Coast to Coast, Craft Lab, Paper, Paint & Craft and best of all,Β had my work featured in a shoebox segment of the last Carol Duvall Holiday Special.Β  Now I work exclusively in pc and besides ornaments I love to make illustrations.”

Read the interview Consuela did for HandMade News

You can also find her clay illustration called “Fish Gotta Swim” in the gallery of Lisa Pavelka’s newest book The Complete Book of Polymer Clay.

Congratulation Consuela on the White House Christmas Tree !!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s beyond awesome πŸ™‚

Festive Finds

Julie Eakes Poinsettia cane Read on to find the other 4 parts of the tutorial.

Parole De Pate Adorable gingerbread man ornament tutorial

Sharon Sahl ornaments and scenes

Kim Owens whimsical folk art ornaments

Janell Berryman and her quirky folk art. Reminds me of the movie Nightmare Before Christmas. πŸ™‚

Etsy sellers:

Keila Hernandez’s Nativity Cane

Keila took on a huge task with this Nativity Cane. She carefully drew her design on paper to get the dimensions correct and started the long precess of building the cane.

The original drawing

The original drawing

Lots of Skinner Blend canes

Thats a lot of detail !

That's a lot of detail !

Packing the background

Great way to create a starry sky

Great way to create a starry sky

Take a look at the results. Beautiful work Keila !!!!!!!!!!!!

Ready To Be Reduced

Ready To Be Reduced

You can click on any picture to see all the pictures of the process in Keila’s Flickr album

The Talent of the Polymer Clay Artist Guild of Etsy

I am a member of the PCAGOE. πŸ™‚ Etsy is a great place to find handmade presents and an even better place to help support your fellow polymer clay artists. Just purchasing a gift or two from fellow artists could make all the difference for them this year.

Just a few of the items for under $25 that could make their way into a stocking or under your tree or as a Hanukkah gift.

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