Fiona Abel-Smith: Friday Featured Artist (on Saturday)

Sorry I am a day late with this post. The orders for the Helen Breil Silk Screens overwhelmed me just a bit. 🙂 I am going to be very bust this weekend.

This weeks artist makes the most amazing boxes I have ever seen ! Her name is Fiona Abel-Smith and I am in awe. They are entirely polymer clay ! !

Look at the details involved. Stunning ! Absolutely stunning !

Even the inside is finished with mokume gane. WOW!

Here is a picture of just the lid to one of her boxes. I can not even imagine how many hours of work this took to complete just the lid.

Oh, and Fiona makes dragons and jewelry too. 🙂

You can see more of Fiona’s work in her Flickr Gallery.

Smoosher Challenge – Black & White

We were challenged to find and share anything Black & White made by our fellow Smoosher. Since I like a good challenge I gathered up a few tasty treats for you all 🙂

Black polymer clay necklace with white jade beads

Here is a beautiful necklace made by Strange Whimsy called Black polymer clay necklace with white jade beads

This gorgeous Handmade Black and White Heart Necklace is made by Sarah of CreativeArtCenter

Handmade Black and White Heart Necklace

Eagle Feather polymer clay cane

You can find this wonderful Eagle Feather polymer clay cane in ArtmakersWorlds Shop

Black and White Mosaic Keepsake Jewelry Box

Coltpizy is the artist that created this amazin Black and White Mosaic Keepsake Jewelry Box

black and white mokume gane technique

I just adore these black and white mokume gane technique earrings made by Rivervalleydesign

The World Travels Of A Swap: Part 1

On a whim, I started a round robin called The Trash To Treasure Swap figuring I might get a few people who where interested in playing. Well, there are 27 swappers involved. 🙂 5 are located in the UK/Europe and the rest are all over the USA.

A flat rate priority box got filled to the top with both finished and unfinished pieces of jewelry, bits of this and that which were eventually supposed to turn into something and a few supplies or tools that I no longer needed. I also included a some stuff made by other artists to make it more interesting for the first few swappers. Each swapper will receive the box and take out a selection of items and replace them them with things they made or supplies.

I sent the box to Illinois to meet up with Valerie from Scotland, who was there visiting her mother. Valerie met up with Pam, who swapped out some of her items for contents in the box. The package made it over to Scotland on Friday, where Valerie swapped out her items. Tomorrow it will be on it’s way to Bettina in Germany.

I can hardly wait until the box makes it back to me so I can see the treasures that traveled around the world to reach my doorstep. I will post updates as the box travels around the world. Maybe I should create a map showing the movement. 🙂

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