New Custom Order Completed

I received a request to make some custom needle tools. If I say so myself, they turned out fabulous !! Sort of a faux batik look that was completely unintentional.


And while I was at it, I covered my own needle tool and my craft knife handle 🙂


In case you were wondering, the needle tools are $9.99 ($11.99 if you want them varnished).

How Do They Do That?

Techniques I really Want To Try – if I can figure out how they did it 🙂

The first technique on my list is Lisa Pavelka’s faux batik.

Second is Sarah Shrivers reverse inlay veneers.

And the third has me very intrigued. Sylvie Peraud’s faux denim which can be learned over at

There is also a crackle technique I have seen around that looks different than the one I have done in the past using a crackle medium that was brushed on the clay. I have a tutorial at Polkadot Creations showing how I did it. This newer technique has a lot of depth and I love it. While searching for a picture example to share I found this tutorial 🙂 A heat gun is the key !!!!

You can also do a really nice crackle effect using paints and inks that are brushed onto a raw sheet of clay, left to dry and then stretched to make the paint or ink crack.

using paint

using paint

Here is a tutorial using pearlescent ink by Daler Rowney

And another using silver leaf and inks

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