Listed some jewelry in my Etsy Shop

Just listed: A Bevy of Bangles and a Passel of Pendants

Here is a sampling 🙂

New Product Available In My Shops !!!!!

I have recently added some really fun products to my Artfire and Etsy shops. Please try shopping at my Artfire shop if you would. 🙂 It allows me to keep more $ in my pocket since they don’t charge my listing and final value fees. You don’t even need an Artfire account. Just fill your cart and checkout using PayPal. Simple as that.

You can cover them with polymer clay to create wonderful gifts or items you can resell. Take a look at my sample projects – a business card holder, a mirror purse compact and a key-chain with a pill bottle.

They started out looking like this

I also have some fabulous deals on coverables like bangle forms in gold and silver plate, the very hard to find Papermate Flexgrip Ultra pens and small oval or round mirrors if you want to make your own purse mirrors. Take a look at the bangle I made using one of the forms. BTW- it won first prize in the August contest held by the Viola web site 🙂

Which started out like this

And I covered these Flexgrip pen examples.

The pens uncovered look like this

You can also find the Greatest Clay Blades, mica powders, teeny tiny clear reflective hole-less beads, the incredible Viva Decor brand Precious Metal Color paint, Clearsnap ink pads and some Kato liquid clay.

And of course you will always find my HUGE selection of clear stamps 🙂 Here is a look a 3 of my newest designs.

The Return of My Muse

I think my Muse likes to escape to a warmer climate in the Winter, because I rarely find the motivation to be creative when it’s cold and cloudy, but I believe my muse has returned from her vacation. At least for the time being. 🙂 I have actually finished several jewelry pieces in the last couple weeks. I even sanded and buffed them all and my friends know how much I looooove sanding. NOT !! LOL

First I made a couple bangle bracelets made using my Scrap Mokume Gane technique. This is a picture of one (they are very similar is looks)

Then I made 5 pendants using Mokume Gane technique which were inspired by the arrival of Julie Picarello’s new book, Patterns in Polymer Clay.

And I finally tried my hand at an idea that’s been swimming around my brain for a while. Hollow Domed Pendants with inset Swarovski crystal. Though I did use dichroic cabs in two of the six I made.

That’s all for now. I hope the creative juices are still flowing. I brought home a bag of clay from Michael’s today. Part of my birthday shopping spree. 🙂 I bought all the new colors of Premo !!! Can’t wait to play with them some more.

Scrap Mokume Gane Bangle Tutorial In Etsy Shop

Just finished and listed the tutorial in my Etsy shop. It’s a PDF that will be mailed to you after payment is received. Click on the picture to go to my Etsy Shop.

These are some examples of the bangles I’v made using this technique.
Also earrings and pendants

A Handmade Holiday

I am encouraging everyone to support your local artist and give handmade presents for the upcoming Holiday Season. I this economy even a few sales may make all the difference to an artist.

It doesn’t matter if you celebrate Christmas, Kwanzaa or Hanukkah. A handmade gift says you put some thought into that gift and chose it especially for them. Okay, maybe the kids won’t appreciate it quite as much as the adults, so just stick to the video games on their list. 🙂

Handmade is something I have been doing for years. My family members all expect to get at least one thing I made myself and they actually do appreciate it. I sure hope they aren’t getting sick of it, because guess what? It’s happening again this year. LOL

There are many talented polymer clay artists selling on Etsy. If you can’t make it yourself, I bet you’ll find someone there who has that special gift you need to give.

How about a Baby’s First Christmas ornament?

Or a Blue Bird for your mom?

Maybe your colorful best friend needs something to brighten her day.

Does Grandma collect owls?

Maybe the man in your life needs a fancy new pen to go with that promotion at work.

Or maybe your wrist is feeling empty.

I confess, that bracelet is mine. But if I can’t promote myself on my blog what’s the point 🙂

Happy Holidays everyone !!!

I’m Baaaaack :)

I spent a nice Holiday weekend away house sitting at my mom’s again. It gives me time to be creative. I managed to get 27 bangle bracelets made and souped up my Makin’s extruder with the help of my wonderful hubby 🙂

He cut off the bar that goes thru the hole in the twisty end for me. Here’s a picture since that sounded so NOT right. LOL

I confiscated his extra Ryobi cordless drill. It has a 1/2″ chuck – that’s the very important part – and put the twisty end in the drill and tightened it down.
Drill with extruder inserted
I also confiscated Hubby’s vise, which technically was mine first 🙂 to clamp down the extruder. I tried holding it in my hand while extruding the clay, but all I got were blisters for my effort.

Once I had the scrap clay extruded for the bracelet cores I needed something to wrap it that was decorative. Since I am totally addicted to making Mokume Gane with scrap clay, I got to work. Here is one of the sheets I made.
scrap mokume gane sheet

I managed to get 4 bangles out of the sheet of clay.
And the entire lot.

Beauty of the Northwest

Sharon MacLeod is an artist living in the woods of the Pacific Northwest. Her work isn’t exclusively made of polymer clay, but I find it fascinating. Sharon’s bracelets are stunning, especially the coil bracelets! I love her use of color and pattern in the designs.
Artist quote: “Working with an unlikely combination of materials, each piece starts with my own graphic art that is printed on thin paper, meticulously laminated to various sizes of small tubing, and assembled with a variety of materials, including polymer clay, glass, metal and rubber and plastic. Because of the nature of the process, no two are exactly alike. Transforming non-precious, sometimes industrial materials into colorful, richly patterned art jewelry is an ongoing exploration that keeps me fascinated.”

Be sure to click both pictures. One will take you to Sharon’s Flickr gallery, the other to her blog.

Art Imitating Nature

Melanie West has a series of bracelets called Bio-Bangle. And are they ever beautiful !!! They do make me think of sea shells and ocean critters. 🙂 Her eye for design, texture and color is incredible. I’ve seen Melanie’s jewelry over the past few years really blossom into exception works of wearable art. Can’t wait to see what inspires her next.

BioBangle - Bamboo

BioBangle - Bamboo

BioBangle - Octopus

BioBangle - Octopus

BioBangle - Sea Polyp

BioBangle - Sea Polyp

BioBangle - Sea Shell

BioBangle - Sea Shell

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