Daniela D’Uva: AKA Alkhymeia

I am honestly in awe of this featured artist and secretly hope to someday have even half her talent. 🙂

Daniela D’Uva was born in Germany, but was raised in Italy, where she became an accredited goldsmith specializing in making jewelry. Some of Daniela’s favorite jewelry making supplies are things like copper wire, gemstones, glass beads and recycled items like broken mirrors or plastic bottles. Then she discovered polymer clay just 3 years ago and took to it like a duck to water !!!! Her style is so unique and creative. I love the mix of heavy gauge wire, the wire wrapping and polymer clay. Like the rest of us, she appreciates the versatility, consistency and range of colors that polymer clay provides.

Some of her other designs-

Check out Daniela’s project in the Orange issue of From Polymer To Art !!!!

You can find all her beautiful pieces of jewelry for sale in her Etsy shop

View a gallery of her work at Flickr

Read her blog ( I suggest using Google Translator http://translate.google.com/ since it’s in Italian)

And finally, get a taste of how she makes her fabulous jewelry with this easy to follow tutorial 🙂


The Motherload From The Motherland

Russian artists Del Moro, a relative new comer, has taken the polymer clay world by storm. His eye for detail and design is incredible. You have really got to check out his gallery. I wish I could post all the pictures, but you will have to settle for just a tease. 🙂

La Belle Verte - beads and earrings set

La Belle Verte - beads and earrings set

Rock Arsenal Series

Rock Arsenal Series

Mask Series

Mask Series

Soft Flex’s Nov. Spotlight Designer – Jackie Sieben

Congrats Jackie !!!!! Your hard work deserved the recognition 🙂

Soft Flex’s Nov. Spotlight Designer – Jackie Sieben


Artist trading cards have become quite the phenomenon. And polymer clay users have really mastered the art. I joined my first ATC swap, but unfortunately it didn’t pan out and I never got any cards back in return. I want to share the cards I did make with everyone so I can show them off. I think they turned out beautiful 🙂
Artist Trading Cards

I found a Polymer Clay ATC group on Flickr

Linda Weeks, a member at PCC, has been hosting ATC swaps since 2005.
Here is the first swap.
Use this link to see the 2nd one.
And swap 3 is here.
I found another one her website that doesn’t seem to be listed at PCC.

Joumana Medlej has shared her guide to making and trading ATCs.

Polymer Clay TV made this short video. They explain the difference between ATCs and ACEOs.

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