Iris Mishly’s Cosmic Ceramic tutorial & My Fossil Stamps

What a great pairing !!! Iris Mishly of PolyPedia used my 2 ammonite stamps from the Fossils stamp set to make these AMAZING polymer clay beads following her tutorial called Cosmic Ceramic: faux ceramic !!!!!!!!! The technique is stunning and a must have for your tutorial library. 🙂




60 New Stamps & Silk Screens Now Available

I just got done listing 60 new silk screens and clear stamp textures in my Etsy shop. They are all made to order and all made 100% with my own 2 hands 🙂

Tonja’s Treasures Etsy Shop

Here are some actual pictures of my stamps.

coral pair

Coral Pair



under the sea

Under the Sea





rain leaf

Rainy Skeleton Leaf


3 New Larger Size Stamps Just Listed

I just got done listing 3 new 6″ X 4″ stamps in my Etsy shop. The first is the Italian Text

The other 2 are the same image, sort of.  🙂 I did a positive and a negative image of the same design, which reminds me of an ammonite fossil. One works as a traditional stamp, the other works like a mold.  So when it’s stamped into polymer clay (or any clay), you get a raised image instead of an impression of the design. Both are lovely when used for either the mica shift or mokume gane techniques.

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