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Have you checked out Lucy Clay Tools lately?

Well, if you haven’t you should ! Fair warning. There are an tools and inspiration to make you drool (and empty your wallet LOL) .

I own the original CZExtruder and I will NEVER go back to another brand. The quality is so beyond superior to the others it’s like night and day. Plus there are now 8 different sets of shape discs available to extrude a mind boggling number of patterns and#9 is on the way.


set_of_8_lcdisks_-_in_stock_d6d2abd3 in_stock_-_lime_5_lcdisk_used_with_czextruder_f51df6fb

You can use your old Makin’s extruder discs and Cynthia Tinapple’s discs in the CZ Extruder, too.


I also have my eye on the Lucy Clay Slicer. I hear it is a fabulous tool for slicing even sheets of clay off of a slab. Imagine getting nice veneer sheets for Mokume Gane !


Where to buy your Lucy Clay Tools

Big Announcement !! The Helen Breil Silk Screen Collection is here !!

The big day is finally here and I can yell from the rooftops !!! Tonja’s Treasures Stamps & More Shop is the exclusive vendor for the Helen Breil Silk Screen Collection !! The collaboration has been in the works for a while and it killed me to keep quiet. LOL Thank you Helen for the confidence in me and this amazing opportunity.  I won’t let you down. 🙂

There are 8 beautiful designs available in this first launch of hopefully many. They are fun and funky, just as you would expect from a Helen Breil design, and they compliment her rubber stamps on the market quite nicely. I am very confident they will sell like hotcakes! Please check out Helen’s free Silk Screen Demo video .

01 when we collide04 PillsandCoffee 05 iresistible rhythm06SpringDance 07 Cararet10 FunkyMartini 13cosmic spider webs16 tangled up

These are examples of what Helen Breil can do with a silk screen!
HelenBreil - CrossRoadsHelenBreil - Tapestry IMG_6481_1438


Back by Popular Demand – Silk Screen Stencils for Polymer Clay :)

Afer being asked many times why I no longer sell silk screens, I have again listed some in my Etsy Shop. The first 2 sheets have 6 designs each and the designs match the size of the small stamps I sell, which are 4″ X 2 3/4″. Also available are 3 stencil sheets with same designs, but the sheets have 4 designs each and the designs are larger. Each measures about 4 1/2″ X 3 1/2″. The entire sheet is 8 1/2″ X 11″ with room between the design to cut them apart.

Silk screen are reusable and will last for a long time with proper care 🙂

I have several new sheets of silk screen stencils in the works 🙂 My favorite being the Klimt style sheet ! Take a look at this 🙂

klimt esk silks


How to use silk screens:
Place the stencil shiny side down on your surface. Put a line of paint along one edge. (I recommend a heavy body paint in a tube.) Pull the paint across the stencil with a squeegee or on old credit card. Remove the stencil by slowly lifting up from one side. Repeat this process to screen another image or place the screen in cool water.

How to care for:
Place your silk screen in a bowl of cool water as soon as you finish with it to keep the paint from drying and clogging up the screen. Clean your silk screens with cool tap water. If you must scrub the screen, use a natural sea sponge and ONLY scrub on the non-shiny side. Let it dry and re-use.

Glass etching creams won’t hurt PhotoEZ™. Etch glass with the same stencil over and over again. When etching glass I just lightly wet the screen to let it stick to the glass then gently spread the etching cream over the screen. Or you can use a light coating of stencil adhesive spray to keep in in place.

You can silk screen on:
Polymer clay

Use it with virtually any paint:
spray paint
etching paste
textile paint
oil based paints
ceramic paint
ceramic glazes
tube acrylic paints

Clean stencils with plain tap water, latex paint remover, paint thinner or oil based paint remover, let dry and reuse over and over again.


New Mobile App for Tonja’s Treasures

I created a mobile app for my business. Feedback would be greatly appreciated if you download the app and try it out 🙂

Download app here

app pic

Art Quote Clear Stamp Available

Just listed in my Etsy shop my favorite art quote in the form of a clear stamps. Available in 6″ X 4″ or 4″ X 3″.

A New Location for My Blog……. For now


Thank you to all my followers that have migrated over to the new location. It’s just a temporary solution until I can find a web host I can afford. I have already reserved the domain name for 5 years. I prefer self hosting my blog so I can have all the handy add-on tools like a Language Translator. I was told time and again that it was very helpful to my non- English speaking readers. WordPress’ free hosting site really limits what you can do to personalize your blog.

Life was chaotic the last year, but things are feeling more “normal” day by day.  I should have more time to keep up with my blog and completely redo my website, which will be a lot less complicated this time. Was to keep it simple and streamlined. I hope everyone will continue to drop by and see what’s new around here.


Happy Crafting,


Jan 18: Internet Goes on Strike!

Please click the image On the 19th (we are supposed to be on strike after all) and find out how this law can affect you and the internet.

Smooshers Featured Artist: Vixen Jewels

One of our newer Artfire Smooshers members is Polly Dobbs of Vixen Jewels. She has a whole lot of beautiful polymer clay jewelry in her shop but these 2 are my favorites.

Hmmm, or maybe it’s these 2 🙂

Be sure to drop by Polly’s Artfire shop and take a look around.
You can see more examples of her work in her Flickr gallery and follow her blog

I need your help

I was asked ages ago by a friend if I would make Inspirational Words stamps into a clear stamp. I have 2 designs – your typical left to right text and also text that reads top to bottom. What I can’t decide is which 2 from each design I should make into stamps. There are 4 font choices per design. Which are your favorites? Pick 2 per design.

Design A (left to right reading text)

Design B (top to bottom text)

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