This Weeks Featured Artist: Susan Gross

What first caught my eye when viewing Susan’s Flickr album was the beauty in a simple spiral. I just love how she accents this piece with a little texture and berries.

This one is call Tropical Swirl and it most definitely makes me feel like having a fruity drink with an umbrella in it. 🙂

I also found some stunning silk screened pieces. I think you all know how I feel about silk screens. LOVE THEM!!!!!

This next piece is a shining example (literally) of translucent mokume gane done correctly. Look at the layers of silver leaf and color. Beautiful work, Susan !

But……….. I think my favorite piece is this pendant. I love the contrast of color and pattern in the patchwork design.


To see all of Susan Gross’ work check her Flickr Gallery.

Cabochons Now Available in my Etsy Shop

I have discovered I love making polymer clay cabochon. 🙂 I spend a lot of time getting the shape just right. Then I take the time to sand them by hand with 7 grits of sandpaper so they are smooth as glass. Lastly, I buff them to a high gloss finish. I have a large selection in my Etsy Shop, with more on the way. Grab them while you can. They are in demand !

Here are a few you will find available at this time.



Friday’s Featured Artist: Sonya’s Polymer Creations

This weeks featured polymer clay artist is Sonya’s Polymer Creations and she has quite the flair for organic design, which I especially like when it comes to jewelry. For example, this first piece named Cleopatra’s Bubblebath is so simple, yet it has such depth. It makes me think of sea urchins.


This next piece is called Driftwood. Love the connections.

I especially like this pair of earrings  called Winter Mood. The detail is incredible.

More examples of Sonya’s work


You can see all of Sonya’s work in her Flickr Gallery


Etsy just messed everything up…. Again.

Etsy proudly announce the launch of all new categories. Yeah ? More like Yikes !! What a nightmare. They deleted all reference to Polymer clay in every category. I found my texture stamps filed under Ceramics & Sculptures. Yep, you read that correctly. Now they are filed under the generic category of General Supplies, because I can’t seem to find a proper home for them any longer.

I was reading through all the complaints made by shop owners in the forum that Etsy deleted Lampwork from the beads and that there is no longer a category to put Christmas Ornaments. And those fancy delicate beautiful polymer clay figures or mermaids and fairies? Oh, those were added to Toys category. LOL Seriously??

The new categories look like the website now. So sad and frustrating. Rather than spend the day working on orders I am faced with checking on my 362 listing to see just how badly Etsy @#$% things up for me. Here is a couple threads to visit to add you 2 cents to this matter. Please make your voice heard.


Bad Etsy image courtesy of

Fiona Abel-Smith: Friday Featured Artist (on Saturday)

Sorry I am a day late with this post. The orders for the Helen Breil Silk Screens overwhelmed me just a bit. 🙂 I am going to be very bust this weekend.

This weeks artist makes the most amazing boxes I have ever seen ! Her name is Fiona Abel-Smith and I am in awe. They are entirely polymer clay ! !

Look at the details involved. Stunning ! Absolutely stunning !

Even the inside is finished with mokume gane. WOW!

Here is a picture of just the lid to one of her boxes. I can not even imagine how many hours of work this took to complete just the lid.

Oh, and Fiona makes dragons and jewelry too. 🙂

You can see more of Fiona’s work in her Flickr Gallery.

Big Announcement !! The Helen Breil Silk Screen Collection is here !!

The big day is finally here and I can yell from the rooftops !!! Tonja’s Treasures Stamps & More Shop is the exclusive vendor for the Helen Breil Silk Screen Collection !! The collaboration has been in the works for a while and it killed me to keep quiet. LOL Thank you Helen for the confidence in me and this amazing opportunity.  I won’t let you down. 🙂

There are 8 beautiful designs available in this first launch of hopefully many. They are fun and funky, just as you would expect from a Helen Breil design, and they compliment her rubber stamps on the market quite nicely. I am very confident they will sell like hotcakes! Please check out Helen’s free Silk Screen Demo video .

01 when we collide04 PillsandCoffee 05 iresistible rhythm06SpringDance 07 Cararet10 FunkyMartini 13cosmic spider webs16 tangled up

These are examples of what Helen Breil can do with a silk screen!
HelenBreil - CrossRoadsHelenBreil - Tapestry IMG_6481_1438


Unique DIY Displays

I saw a picture of an old drawer that was originally meant to hold letters for a printing press, but someone had taken it and created a jewelry display.

WOW! It looked so creative and original that I started looking for other ways that could be used to display products at an art fair booth. I had no idea there were so many wonderful ideas to be found. Anything from drawers or suitcases, to old windows and picture frames.

Some were DIY built from scratch, some were upcycled and re-purposed. Leave it to an artist to turn an antique cheese grater into an earring display or vintage strainer into a bracelet display.

How about a picture frame and some glass drawer pulls to show off your necklaces?


Perhaps lining up clear bottles in all shapes and sizes could do the trick for you as with this display.

Whether meant to display 1 item or 50, these were just some of my favorite finds. You can see all the displays I found on my Pinterest Board.

An couple honorable mentions 🙂 Love these little vintage drawers used to hang individual ornaments and this unique way to display bracelets !

Friday Featured Artist & Exciting Business Venture

I know it’s been ages since I posted to my blog. My only excuse is I have been so busy making stamps and silk screen for everyone else I don’t have much time for anything else. I am here to say that it is going to change. I am going to start posting at least twice a week. Fridays will be a featured polymer clay artist that catches my eye.

My other announcement is that I have been in talks with a very well known polymer clay artist and I will soon be selling silk screens with her designs on them. I am quite sure they will be very popular, so keep your eyes here.  In the next couple weeks there will be an official announcement.

This weeks featured artist is Bénédicte Bruttin. I have been for the artist’s Flickr gallery and I am in awe of the work ! Here are just a few examples:

Here is a link to the gallery

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