How To Use Pinterest

Yep, another addiction to add to your list 🙂 Pinterest is the perfect way to save all your favorite inspirations, recipes, vacation ideas, or thing you just want to remember. And it’s FREE !!!

How To Use Pinterest

Go to and request an invite or have some send you an invite.

Once you are signed up for a Pinterest account it gives you a Pin It Link to add to your Bookmarks/Favorites. Be sure to save that link where it’s easy to get to, because you’ll be using it a lot. LOL If you forgot to save it you can find it here

First thing you should do after sign-up is add some “Boards”. They can be named anything. I have a few so far with names like “My polymer clay jewelry”, “I saw it on Etsy”, “Polymer clay tutorials” and “Wire Wrapping”. Anything you may be interested in can become a Board. Maybe you like textiles for inspiration. Make a Board for it. Or perhaps you have dreams to visit far away lands. Make a Board for it. Like to collect yummy recipes? Make a Board for it. I think you get my drift now. 😉 You can add more boards any time by
1) Clicking Add+ on the top right on the Pinterest web page (you have to be logged in), then click Create A Board. Name it, select a category, click Create Board. Repeat as needed.
2) When you find something you want to Pin and are using the Pin It link [that I will assume you now have saved somewhere handy 😉 ] there in a option at the bottom of the drop down list of Boards you have created. Where it says Create A Board you can type in your new Board name. Click Create after you have left your Comments about the item you are Pinning.

Now that you have an account, made some Boards and saved the Pin It link, welcome to your new addiction. LOL Whenever you see something worth pinning, click the Pin It Link. When the new window pops up click Pin This then
1) add a comment
2) choose the Board you want to Pin It to (or create a new Board as described above)
3) Click Pin It
4) repeat as needed 😉

I hope I covered everything. I am still new to the Pinterest thing, but I am already addicted. 🙂


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Lupe Meter
    Feb 02, 2012 @ 08:54:58

    It is terribly addicting! I just started a week ago and can’t stop pinning! lol The upside is all the cool stuff you can find there…just gets my creative juices flowing!


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