Polymer Clay Is In “The House”!

I came across a wonderful polymer clay artist on Facebook. Her name is Consuelo Okdie who is a resident of Florida You can tell by the wonderful array of colors and design she uses in her work 🙂 Don’t be surprised to see palm trees, bright pink flamingos, sea turtles and the odd alligator on the wonderful Christmas ornaments and illustrations she creates.

Consuelo posted some exciting news on Facebook. She was featured in a local magazine called Scene. The story, called The Ho Ho Ho of Holiday Collectibles, is about local artists and festive Christmas collectibles. The article also mentions how Consuela was honored by having 4 of her handmade ornaments chosen to be hung on a The White House Christmas Tree! I have the distinct honor to share with you 2 pictures of her ornaments that have never been published anywhere else. 🙂 Aren’t they gorgeous !

Here is the picture of the amazing bird ornament appropriately named  “Flying Fabulosity” that was featured in the magazine article. It is made with black polymer clay and embellished with foil, wire & seed beads.

This turtle ornament is one of my favorite. Just look at that detail.

And speaking of detail. This illustration in clay is breathtaking ! Even if it has big dangerous teeth. LOL

And my heart skipped a beat when I saw the carousel horses.  It brought back childhood memories of riding the carousel in Downtown Spokane at Riverfront Park.

You can see more of Consuela’s wonderful art in her Flickr Gallery.

A quote from Consuela “I’ve been an artist my whole life & have worked in many different mediums. Before discovering polymer clay I worked as a cartoonist, in a stained glass studio & as an animal portriat artist working in acrylics to name a few.  I discovered pc about 10 years ago after watching Donna Kato on Carol Duval. After a year of making some of the most horrible things I’d ever created it just really clicked in my brain how pc worked. Since then I’ve had my work in several magazines including PolymerCAFE & Bead&Button and was fortunate enough to have appeared on Crafters Coast to Coast, Craft Lab, Paper, Paint & Craft and best of all, had my work featured in a shoebox segment of the last Carol Duvall Holiday Special.  Now I work exclusively in pc and besides ornaments I love to make illustrations.”

Read the interview Consuela did for HandMade News

You can also find her clay illustration called “Fish Gotta Swim” in the gallery of Lisa Pavelka’s newest book The Complete Book of Polymer Clay.

Congratulation Consuela on the White House Christmas Tree !!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s beyond awesome 🙂


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