Polyform Follow Up: The Upset Continues

Just wanted to share other blogger’s stories and the effect the changes to the Premo clay line will have on their work.

Lindly Haunani – Not so Colorful Changes…
Carol Simmons – Polyform: Say it isn’t so!
Crafty Goat – New (and Discontinued!) Premo Colors Announced
Crafts By Chris – Premo discontinued colors
Positively Charming Things – Polyform is changing their colors
Musings from the Moonroom – The Polyform Debacle
Fantasy Clay – No More Primaries from Polyform Premo
Deborah’s Daily Dish – Clay Friends…WE HAVE A PROBLEM
Desert Wind Designs – A little of This and That

2 ongoing discussions at Polymer Clay Central Forum – http://forums.delphiforums.com/polymerclay/messages/?msg=66257.1
Online Petition to sign –


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  1. Pörrö
    Dec 24, 2010 @ 08:43:36

    I am copying this message I wrote as I think word needs to get around about this. The publicing of the news is so conviently in Xmas time that I am afraid people will miss this if we do not intentionally spread the word.

    I stumbled into polymer clay express blog

    where there is a text “Great News!!!
    We will be carrying Zinc Yellow and Cobalt Blue Premo throughout 2011!! We are one of three companies that will be doing so. ”

    so when polyform promised that they will continue those colours they actually, IMO, lied. There is no promis about continuing then further and also this this does not help my situation a bit as I am selling clay for my customers in Finland and not buying it retale for my own use. I am dissapointed and this truly ruins my xmas 😦

    This is what I posted to polyforms facebook page

    “I just readed from polymer clay express that actually, on contrary to your promise, you are NOT going to make the cobolt blue and zinc yellow available to all customers as we here in europe that are selling the clay are not going to buy your clay from retalers.

    I am dissapointed on your desicion and I think you lied when you tried to convince the audience that you are “keeping” the zinc yellow and cobolt blue. “


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