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A friend emailed me somethings I wanted to share with all my readers. In particular, a post at the Arts and Crafts Law blog called Orphan Works – Make Your Voice Heard

I was unaware of Victoria Espinel’s appointment as the first U.S. Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator and wanted to spread the word among the artist community. Here is a quote from the blog –

“Last year President Obama appointed and the U.S. Senate confirmed Victoria Espinel to be the first U.S. Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator. Her job is “to help protect the creativity of the American public” by coordinating with all the federal agencies that fight the infringement of intellectual property, which includes creating and selling counterfeit goods; pirating video games, music, and books; and infringing upon the many other creative works that are produced by artists in this country.

As you know, the unauthorized copying, sale, and distribution of artists’ intellectual property directly impact the ability of artists and creators to control the use of their own creativity, not to mention their ability to receive income they have earned from their labor. This impacts U.S. employment and the economy, and our ability to globally compete.”

Please follow the link to read more about this new law and how it may help you.

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