Taking Credit Cards At Craft Shows

The subject came up over at the Polymer Clay Central Forum a couple days ago. I don’t do craft shows myself, but often wondered how a person could take more than cash or checks. The answer is ProPay.

Several of the PCC members have been using this service for years and they are very pleased with the results. There is a yearly fee and a per transaction fee, but they seem happy with the fee arrangement. The basic yearly fee is $34.95 and the per transaction fee is 3.5%+.35 cents. You can accept Visa & Mastercard and you process the transaction when you get home via the internet. Drawback – you can only process a maximum of $1000 of charges a month.

The Premium account is $59.95 a year. If you do a lot of craft sales this may be a better option for you. Not only can you accept Visa & MC, you can take Discover and American Express also, and there is no limit on the amount per month you can process. The transaction fees drop a little bit too. This account also has more features like processing charges by phone or internet, a linked pre-paid Mastercard (I assume it’s to access the money you have collected), an annual statement and checking account transfers.

Like any service there can be incidental fees. Those can be seen here.

I also read a good tip from a PCC member. You need to buy yourself a cheap manual CC imprinter to take to the craft shows. Then when you get home you can enter all the info from the form to collect the payments.

I just got a reminder fro a PCC member that if you have an Etsy account there is a discount that you can get on you ProPay account. Check into it. 🙂

Hope this info helps those of you looking for a way to take credit cards at craft shows and other events. 🙂


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