My Facebook Friends Feature Artist – Chris (Cat) Pellow

Chris Pellow is wonderful artist living in Scotland. She has worked in such mediums as leather, painting with acrylics and watercolors, and metal working. Cat enjoys making mosaics, jewelry and recycled art. Her path to polymer clay started with terracotta clay, which moved on to paper clay. Now she’s one of us.  A polymer clay addict 🙂

Colorful – cane work

Inspired – by Ronna’s book

Giving – Bottle of Hope

“Piece”ful – mosaic

Note Worthy – post-it note cover

You can see all of Cat’s work in her Flickr gallery.  Or visit her we site ZapKath Art.


Book Review: Complete Book of Polymer Clay

I finally got my copy of Lisa Pavelka’s new book – The Complete Book of Polymer Clay.


I’m pretty picky about what books I keep in my personal library. When I buy a book, I look it over and decide if it has anything I haven’t already learned and if it’s something I want to learn. If it meets that criteria I keep it.

Lisa Pavelka’s new book “The Complete Book of Polymer Clay” is a keeper. Yes, it does have beginner info, (what else would you expect with the word COMPLETE in the title) but it also has some advanced projects that even this clayer of 12 years like me hasn’t tried yet and is longing to give a go.

The book is well written, the pictures are very helpful and the projects are fun. There is also a small gallery of pictures featuring other clay artists that will give you some inspiration. Sounds like a complete book to me 🙂

Check out Lisa’s web site where you can shop, see her amazing work, get some tips on working with polymer clay or watch an instructional video.

New Blogs On My Block

I found a nice lot of new blogs to follow 🙂

Flickr Finds For Jan 26th

I love browsing Flickr to see everyone latest creations. These a just a few of my favorite finds this week.

TreeWingsStudio / Rebekah Payne

Stories They Tell / Christine Damm

River Valley Design / Christina Uliczny

polymerclaybeads / Ponsawan

Knii Knii

Started A Facebook Page For My Tonja’s Treasures Biz

Added this really cool new app called Payvment. It’s an ecommerce store right in Facebook. Now you don’t even have to leave Facebook to shop LOL

Tonja’s Treasures on Facebook

Tibetan Silver – Getting what you paid for?

It’s been brought to my attention that Tibetan “Silver” may not always be what we thought we were purchasing. Genuine Tibetan Silver contains 92.5 % silver, and it quite expensive, but there are sellers out there, most likely unknowingly, selling items labeled as Tibetan Silver that actually have no silver content.

What started out as a copyright infringement case opened up a can of worms. The items that were in question were sent to a lab for tests. The results came back and the info wasn’t good. The items had no silver content what so ever. Nickel, copper and zinc were the dominant metals in 6 of the 7 tested items. A couple very scary added ingredients were found in the seventh. It was 54% lead and 1.3% arsenic !!! This offending item was shipped out of Hong Kong. I was told that copies of these finding are readily available from the company that did the testing – TierraCast, Inc.

Links of interest:

Tibetan Silver: A Buyer’s Advisory
What is Tibetan silver?
What is Tibetan Silver?
Tibetan silver
Composition of Metals in Jewellery

A way to test your items for silver content (found this in a forum post)

“Tibetan silver is only a name it does not guarantee any silver content, The country did not make advancement in technology or mining until the Chinese moved in. The silver content of any silver alloy will become obvious with time.

The lower the silver content the quicker and blacker the tarnish it even develops a greenish tinge, depending on the atmosphere and environment its been exposed to.

Quick simple test.

Get a genuine sterling silver item and a Tibetan, Bali, or Mexican silver item. Wet them. Place them on a plate with cut in half a hard boiled egg (free range eggs have a higher sulphur content so they work better) leave it stand under a glass dish turned upside down and watch. The lower the silver content the quicker it tarnishes.

Take the tarnished items and boil the in a dilute solution of sodium carbonate or bicarbonate, only the coinage silver (800 to 900 or sterling silver 925 content will revert back to a white silver surface. if it goes salmon colour then its a high copper alloy, stainless look will be nickle silver or stainless.

Two things to observe. 1) what colour did the tarnish go and how long it took by comparing a known against an unknown.
2) what colour did you finish up with after the soda carb test.

This test does not harm the metal in fact the soda carb test is used to clean and remove tarnish from silver.”

So please be careful from who and where you buy your Tibetan Silver from in the future. Lead is very dangerous and causes birth defects. Not to mention the side affect of arsenic !

The Kindness Of Some & Selfishness of One

Follower that have been with me for a while have read about the Round Robin Trash To Treasure Swap I started back in October. Things where going really well, too well actually. Everyone was so generous that the single medium flat rate box grew into 2 boxes.

We decided to detour the boxes back to myself so I could pare down the contents and return a single package back to it’s course.

The items I took from the box were used to hold a giveaway for the Mystery Box of goodies. The winner was the very deserving Betty Jo H. I say deserving, because she is the sweetest most generous person. But I guess I should tell you the full story before I go into the rest of this story.

I mailed off the swap box to the next person in line. She let us all know received the box. After many days of not hearing from her. I became worried that something was wrong, because I hadn’t that she had mailed the swap box off to the next person.

I tried called her house and emailing several times, but I never got a response from the missing swapper. Seems she has just dropped off the face of the earth. Having friends with good ideas, I contacted her polymer clay guild officers to see if they knew if she was okay. Maybe there was some sort of family emergency or something.

I got several responses from the guild, but only one person had any helpful information. Our swapper was fine. Not sick, no death in the family. She has “stuff” going on and hadn’t been able to mail the box yet. Well, gee wiz. We all have “stuff” going on in our lives, right?

It’s been a month now since she got our swap box. Still no response, still no package. I hope she reads this and realizes that all her credibility is gone. She’s simply a thief now. Many swappers offered to help pay the postage if that was the reason she hadn’t mailed the swap box. So no excuse there.

I feel so horrible that 19 people didn’t have a chance to rummage through that swap box. There were items in there that were to go to specific people as gifts. All lost because of one persons selfish, inexcusable behavior.

So that covers the “Selfishness of One” part. Now the good news 🙂 The winner of the Mystery Box, Betty Jo, has very generously offered up her prize to the swap group as a way to carry on the Trash To Treasure Swap. YEAH !!!!!!!!!! To top it off, when people at the Polymer Clay Central Forum found out about what was going on, 4 different people offered to send stuff to add to the box to beef it up a bit and insisted they wanted nothing in return.

It never ceases to amaze me how generous polymer clayers can be to each other. Claying It Forward is a wonderful thing, yes? 🙂 I want to give a HUGE heartfelt thanks to these very generous people. It’s friends like you that make the world a better place.

Wow, that was a long ramble. Longest post so far.  🙂  Don’t expect this all the time.

Weekend Tutorial Special

I have 3 tutorials listed in my Etsy shop. The special is Buy 2 Get 3rd free. Special runs until midnight (west coast Pacific time) Sunday Jan 24th.

This offer is retroactive. If you already bought the first tutorial, Scrap Mokume Gane Bangles, you can still buy 1 more this weekend and get the third free. You must include a message in you purchase (either in Etsy or PayPal notes area) that you have already purchased a tutorial and include your PayPal transaction number so I can verify it.

My Facebook Friends Feature Artist – Laurel Steven

Each Friday I am going to do my best to feature a polymer clay artist from my Facebook Friends. Today is the very first installment. I hope you enjoy 🙂

Every artist has their own style and Laurel Steven has brought out an eclectic design in her work. Take a look at these wonderful lockets and toggles.

Laurel had some of the coolest pens I’ve ever seen !! These are faux stone and wood.

Speaking of stone……. I can’t believe these rocks ain’t real !

And you must check out the hinged box necklaces.

I could stop here, but I won’t 🙂 I just had to show these pendants. The transfer work is exceptional.

Be sure to check out Laurel’s entire Flickr gallery
She also has an Etsy shop and is a proud member of the Polymer Clay Artists’ Guild of Etsy.
Laurel just gave me the link to her blog. Check it out too 🙂

Honored With The Sunshine Award – Twice

I just found out I have been honored with the Sunshine Award by my friend BJ at Knightwork: Playing with Clay and by Col at Col’s Creations

I want to say thank you very much to BJ and Col. It feels very good to know I inspire the world. 🙂 Or at the very least both of you. 😉 After the week I’ve had dealing with a worm infected computer this was a real treat.

The Sunshine Award is awarded to bloggers whose positivity & creativity inspires others in the blog world.

The rules for accepting these award:-

Put the logo on your blog or within your post.-

Pass the award onto 12 bloggers.-

Link the nominees within your post.-

Let the nominees know they have received this award by commenting on their blog.

– Share the love and link to the person from whom you received this award.

Here are 12 of the blogs I look most often to for clay inspiration. 🙂

I think that’s more than 12 LOL But hey, I did get the award twice. So technically I could have listed 24 links 😉

Previous Older Entries

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