UPDATE* The World Travels Of A Swap: Part 5 (Back In The USA)

Here is the picture Connie provided. It’s all the goodies she chose to keep from the box. Connie decided to make up wait to see what she put in the box 😉

Connie's Keepers

Connie's Keepers


Dolphin Pendant by Marina Lombardi AKA Ali di Libellula

I just had to share this pendant by Italian artist Marina Lombardi with you all. I love it 🙂

Artist’s quote in English “This pendant is a tribute to the novel “The dolphin”, by Sergio Bambarén, and it recalls in particular the theme of the “perfect wave”; the pendant is made with a silver plated wire frame, polymer clay, microspheres, and two briolettes of blue topaz and moonstone.”

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