Melanie West – Take A Bow – You Deserve It !

Melanie received some fabulous news everyone ! Her BioBangle seen here

is now in the proud possession of the Racine Art Museum(located in downtown Racine, Wisconsin). It will be permanently on display with over 4000 other pieces of art at this contemporary craft museum.

This is all thanks to the wonderful people over at Polymer Art Archive. They spearheaded the movement to get Melanie’s work accepted into the collection.

Way to go Melanie ! You are an amazing artist and so deserve the recognition !

*Correction via Elise Winters (Thank you, Elise )
“I am thrilled to have facilitated Melanie’s inclusion in this great new permanent collection. Just 2 corrections… the collection is not permanently on display. The 180 works (not 4000) will be featured in an inaugural exhibition in late 2011 or early 2012. We hope to have a fabulous hardcover catalog to document Melanie’s work along with the other works in the collection. Your readers can help support this groundbreaking effort by going to and making a tax-deductible donation.
Your enthusiasm and support for Polymer Art Archive and for the Polymer Collection project are much appreciated.”

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