The World Travels Of A Swap: Part 3

We have more movement of the swap box. 🙂

Turns out there are actually 2 boxes of goodies out there to be delivered. Bettina received the second box and has forwarded it to Pauli in the Netherlands. The first box got to Pauli’s house just hours before the post office was to close. She miraculously managed to go through the box, swap out her goodies and get the box back in the mail in record time. Pauli is one of the lucky ones departing for Euro Clay Carnival ( I am green with envy LOL) and wanted to pass along the package before she left. I am sure the second package will be waiting for Pauli when she gets back home. I will let her know where to forward it to so the second can catch up with the first.

Here are some pictures Pauli shared with me.
Just opening the box
Everything laid out on the table
Goodies Pauli added to the box
Items she kept

Keep checking back for further updates.

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