I’m Baaaaack :)

I spent a nice Holiday weekend away house sitting at my mom’s again. It gives me time to be creative. I managed to get 27 bangle bracelets made and souped up my Makin’s extruder with the help of my wonderful hubby 🙂

He cut off the bar that goes thru the hole in the twisty end for me. Here’s a picture since that sounded so NOT right. LOL

I confiscated his extra Ryobi cordless drill. It has a 1/2″ chuck – that’s the very important part – and put the twisty end in the drill and tightened it down.
Drill with extruder inserted
I also confiscated Hubby’s vise, which technically was mine first 🙂 to clamp down the extruder. I tried holding it in my hand while extruding the clay, but all I got were blisters for my effort.

Once I had the scrap clay extruded for the bracelet cores I needed something to wrap it that was decorative. Since I am totally addicted to making Mokume Gane with scrap clay, I got to work. Here is one of the sheets I made.
scrap mokume gane sheet

I managed to get 4 bangles out of the sheet of clay.
And the entire lot.

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