It’s been a week since my last post

I know I’ve been lax in my blogging, but you all try having a new puppy that has totally messed up your sleep schedule 🙂 I’m a night owl, so I am usually up until 2 -3 AM. I try to keep Farrah up with me until I go to bed, but more times then not she is napping off and on all evening.

I finally get to bed at 1:30, read until 2 and got to sleep. She wakes me up at 3:30 AM and needs to go pee. I have to get her out of her kennel, let her do her biz and the get her back to the kennel. Which she won’t go into and keep digging at her padded bed inside. Scratching my head, I am thinking “What the #%&* ???” I finally figure out she dribbled a little on her bed and won’t lay on it until I clean it up. I am finally laying down again at 4AM.

7:30 AM rolls around are Farrah decides it’s time to have her breakfast. OMG you have got to be kidding me. LOL I’ve had a total 5 hours sleep. Give me a break already. Hard as I might I can’t get her to just snuggle and go to sleep on the bed with DH & me. I’m up, and not happy about it, feeding the pup and watching Price Is Right at 8AM (we get east coast feeds on DirecTv).

I do eventually get a nap in, because I can’t keep my eyes open. 🙂 Doze off at 10:30 ish and am woke up by my postal carrier honking the horn. I was supposed to have a package picked up and I didn’t have it ready. Now I have to drive to the post office. Which turned out okay, because I got 2 more orders in early this morning. I just shipped them all and killed 3 birds with one stone.

I will hopefully be back in my right mind soon so I an keep up with the blogging 🙂


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