Nails of Clay

I find it fascinating that polymer clay artists have found such an unexpected use for canes. I can’t help but wonder who that first person was who said “I think I’ll cover my fingernails with clay”. I know crafters and artists look at things differently than the average person, but this idea was a real flash of genius.

I have yet to try it myself, but I did go so far as to buy some quality fake nails to test it on. I’m just stumped as to what I use to attach the slices to the nails and what I should seal the cane slices with to protect them after they are applied to the nails. I found a web site that says to use nail glue to adhere the cane slices and that a clear coat or a layer of acrylic or gel over the slices can be used as a sealer. But I’d love to find out what brands work best from the people who have done this technique.

The idea is to reduce your canes to a tiny diameter and pre-bake them before slicing off very thin pieces to apply to your nails. Easy, right? The slicing part takes a little practice and a steady hand, but not impossible. Practice on a baked cane of scrap clay so you don’t waste your pretty ones.

Please reply with your ideas and tips. I am sure those of us who are newbies to this technique would love your input. 🙂

I found some wonderful links and YouTube videos you might find in interesting.$sid=&id=14321


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